No Boundary!

There was no boundary of greed for the farmer’s wife.  Farmer Brown’s wife had a taste of fresh wild meat and she wanted more.  None of the animals were safe anymore. They were all in danger from Farmer Brown’s wife and children.  He had four boys and three girls. Farmer Brown taught the girls to use the rifles and the boys learned both to use rifles and bow and arrows. Farmer Brown remained the most accurate shooter with his guns and bows until one day his oldest boy outshot his father.

Mrs. Brown stood proudly and shouted “good shot!”.  Now Mrs. Brown could have as much fresh wild meat as she please. Her appetite had no boundary.  In season or out of season, she figured she would never get caught. The sheriff was a good friend to Farmer Brown and she figured even if she happens to get caught, he would never expose her. Now the old rabbits were really afraid. They now realized even Farmer Brown would not protect them from his wife.

One day her luck ran out. The sheriff never exposed her but, he got a well-deserved promotion. The new sheriff was unknown to Farmer Brown.  He was a no-nonsense sheriff.  Either you were right or you were wrong.  It did not matter who you were. You were good or bad.  He fought for you when you were right and he didn’t mind putting you away when you were wrong.  He had a sense of justice.  The sheriff did not take any body’s word for what was right or wrong. He watched the behavior of his suspects carefully to make sure no one made up information unjustly.  Farmer Brown warned his children and his wife to stop. Did they listen? Only time would tell.


to be continued:

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