One Little, Two Little, Three Little Wrens

One day mother wren left the nest to go find  worms for the  children’s evening meal. While mother was gone, the first little wren told the others:  I believe I can fly.  He stood up and started to shake his bald little hind side.  The second little wren stood up with all the others and said:  Oh no, you can’t! The third little wren said:  All of you sit down. Mother will be very disappointed to find all of her little  birds trying to fly.

Just then an eagle flew very close to their nest. She too was looking for food for her child.  The oldest of mother wren’s children  spoke common sense to numbers one and two.  They were  called one and two but actually,  they were not born in that order. Number three told them,  It is not a good idea to rattle the feathers of an eagle.  The first Little Wren declared:  That was close!  The second Little wren agreed and said: I want my mom! The Third Little Wren said: you two need to remain quiet  while the eagle is nearby.  They watched as the mother  eagle discovered her dinner  on the shore  in  the distance.

Mother Wren returned with three fat worms for her and the Children. The second little wren began to shout out all of The dirty laundry of the first little wren’s day.  The first little wren asserted you too and some of  the others did the same thing.  The third little wren remained quiet.  Mother Wren was disappointed with most of her children. She asked herself: have I not taught them better? I hurried home because I saw mother eagle near my nest.  I instantly knew she was flying much, much too close to my nest.

The first little wren said I tried to get the attention of Mother  Blue Birds, but she paid us no attention. The second little wren said we tried to get the attention of Mother  Red Bird , but she paid us no attention either. They all seem like angry birds. Why are the Birds so angry?

Mother wren sat in the nest and told this story. It maybe man’s fault. Man created automation.  Some of the people became anxious and depressed because of their new found knowledge. They didn’t know what made them anxious and on edge. They went to see their doctors. Their doctors didn’t know either. However, the doctors prescribed medicine to make the people feel better.  The humans started taking the medicine and some of them became addictive.  At that juncture,  some of them overdosed. Some went to the human’s hospitals and others were sent to jail.  Still, others died from their addiction that was called an overdose. The humans tried to get rid of the medicines by flushing them down their toilets.  The toilet water ran to  under ground streams. The underground streams ran to the river. The rivers ran to the lakes. The lakes ran to the oceans.  All of the Lady Blue Birds and the Lady Red Birds dank the Water from The riversides, Lakes and oceans. The water the humans flushed down their toilets caused the birds to be angry, anxious and depressed.

We all have a responsibility to mother nature. If each one of us do our part as we have done in centuries past, we will all share this earth peacefully. Angry Birds will just be a game that humans play.  We may be small, but we are needed to rid the earth of an over population of spiders and other small annoying insects.  We all have a part.

The Little Wrens understood why they received  no help from Mother Blue Bird and Mother  Red Bird. The older birds  drank the water and  passed it on to their children.  Each generation must pass on a good legacy to the next. We all must do our part.

The End







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