Our 21 Days of Paryer and Feasting/Fasting

For twenty one days the church (TWC) in Birmingham, Bessemer and Anniston have been fasting/ feasting with prayer on what we desire God to do in our lives. Some of us are reading “The 40 Day Challenge” Author Squire Russell’s book on Payer and Fasting and some of us are reading Pas best seller in all stores that sell books “Desired By God” and still others are reading both books. This has proven to be quite a wonderful journey for me. First and far most, I want to thank my prayer partner. I walked in the church and our Pastor said everybody get a payer partner. I didn’t know my partner from Adam’s house cat. He was ushering that Sunday. I simply asked: Do you have a partner who will keep you accountable? He said: no. My next question was: Will you partner with me? He answered: yes. It was God’s design to place the two of us together. During our payer and feasting/fasting we are to give up something as a sacrifice. Unknowingly, we both had decided to give up the same thing. Therefore it was an easy task for both of us. We both sacrificed the same way.

I have been studying the Mango style of learning a new language. After so many lessons, the teacher will ask: Now wasn’t that easy? It is easy if you follow the teacher’s instructions step by step. It is the same way with God. Follow His instructions step by step. Don’t figure you are smarter than God and it’s okay for you to make up your own rules as you go along. Because you are so smart, you need to reinvent the wheel.

Some of our church, city, state and national leaders think they are so smart they need to reinvent the wheel. We are not just speaking of our present day church, city, state and national leaders of this country but of all countries. Because of our stubborn ways, we have summitted to ungodliness in every arena of our lives. When I was a little girl, I would sing “The earth shall soon dissolve like snow; the sun forbear to shine. But God who called me here below, will be forever mine. That is not biblical. The earth is not in the state that God placed Adam and Eve in. The earth will be renewed and continued forever: Perhaps, a renovation of the earth, but the earth itself will not be destroyed or dissolve into nothingness. Of course, John speaks of a new heaven and a new earth. We will need a new earth if we suffer another catastrophe accident like Chernobyl and like the one North Korea might make.
There are countries experimenting with designer babies. It is there desire to create a supper human intelligent race. It is their plan to colonize and corrupt other planets. They wish to create a society inhabited by people that think they need no God. This may sound like science fiction and I only wish I could tell you it is. Please continue in prayer. We need payer warrior like never before. Our entire world needs support. Not just for God to come into our lives and have our financial needs met. Our warfare is bigger than that. We shall not be distracted by other things to the point we forget we have financial obligations here on earth. I am not saying that we should. What I am saying, once those financial needs are met, let us not forget to continue to pray. Twenty one days are suppose to establish a habit. If all of your needs have been met, Good!!! Continue in prayer for others. If they have not yet been met, Continue in prayer.
Remember this hymn in the old Broadman Hymnal on page 121; Ha
Have You Prayed It Through?
Have you prayed all night, till the break of day, And the morning light drove the dark away? Did you linger there, till the morning dew, in prevailing prayer- Did you pray it through? Did you pray it through till the answer came? There's a promise true for your faith to claim; At the place of prayer Jesus waits for you, Did you meet Him there, Did you pray it through? As the master prayed in the garden lone. Let your prayer be made to the Father's throne; If you seek His will He will answer you; Are you trusting still; Have you prayed it through?
Did you pray till the answer came, Did you plead in the Savior's Name? Have you prayed all night till the morning light, Did you pray till the answer came?
If you did, you did not recognize the answer was NO. Or perhaps, not now, maybe later.

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