Part 5: The Cat’s Me ow

When the ladies finished their poker game, they all called for their cats.  No one made it in but Carolyn. The ladies called and called but no cat came.  Finally,  Lori ‘s owner received a call from the Humane Society. They were calling her because she put a chip in Lori and  ID was available to them.  Amy’s owner wanted to know if they could tell her if they had found Amy.  She described  Amy and told them if they had found another cat with Lori, more than likely it was Amy. She was told they had picked up an usual  number of cats that day and she would have to come down with Lori’s owner.  Unknown to the ladies, the pest control man left all of their gates open. Everybody’s cat was gone. Some could be easily identified by their chips and the others if no one claimed, would either be put up for adoption or  euthanized. She could look at all the cats brought in.  Some very pretty cats have been caught today, she was told.

Carolyn’s owner said Lori’s owner could not go to the Shelter alone, She would have her driver take them there. When all of the ladies got in the car, Carolyn jumped in too. Carolyn wanted to see if she could find Tom.

When they arrived at the Shelter the guard at the Shelter showed them all the cats brought in that day. Many of their neighbors were there also looking for their cats. Some people were there to adopt a cat or a dog.  Any cat or dog not picked up by their owners were either put up for adoption or euthanized to be made into toiletries.

After some of the people found their pet they adopted. Carolyn spotted Tom in a cage. He was singing: Nobody knows the Trouble I’ve Seen.   Carolyn walked up to his cage and said: Don’t worry Tom. My owner will adopt you. I won’t let them turn you into soap. Carolyn’s owner screamed: Get away from that alley cat! I paid too much for you to have you breed with some shelter cat! At that moment, Tom’s new buddy was led out of the room. Carolyn ask: Did someone adopt him? Tom said No! They are taking him away to be euthanized.  Immediately Carolyn began to cry. Her owner walked over to her and said : If you want me to adopt him, I will. But he will have to stay in his own cage. You will not be allowed to have any contact with him.  That was ok with Tom. For now, at least his life was saved.

To be continued

Part 4: The Cat’s Me ow

Do you really mean that? If you do, I will dig a hole under the fence. You may come and go as you please. Everyday your owner let you out to exercise in the back yard and to do your business. Oh, it is not necessary to let me out to do my business. I have a litter box the maid empties every time it is needed. I can go whenever I want to. Her maid keeps the house smelling good. Where do you go? Who me? I go on the streets or in an alley, or in somebody’s yard. I like to go on the grass.  Did you notice that pest control man? You were talking so much I know you didn’t see he did not lock the gate door when he left. You are free!  Come with me!

For a moment Carolyn hesitated. Tom told her not to look back,  just go. She was a free cat!  Sure enough,  Carolyn pushed the gate door and it open. At last she was free to go with Tom. Carolyn told Tom she could not leave without her friend, Amy the Manx.  Amy said let’s wait and see if he leaves my gate open and I’ll call for my friend next door, Lori, the Burmese.  As faith would have it, the pest control man left all of the gates open. Carolyn, Amy and Lori all left home to go with Tom.

Tom strutted down the street with Carolyn, Amy and Lori following. Everybody felt liberated. The sun was shinning bright.  All was right with the world. Then it started to rain. All of the pedigrees began to complain. Where ever shall we go to get out of this rain? Lori the Burmese said: My goodness, my hair is getting wet. Tom said: Forget about it! Here is an over turn trash can. Let’s take shelter in it. All four cats crawled into the trash can and waited for the rain to stop.

When the rain stopped, Tom heard the Animal Control Truck. He told them to wait and let the truck pass. The pedigrees became so frighten, they didn’t listen.  All three pedigrees ran out and the driver saw them. The driver got out of the truck and got his net. Tom stayed put. The driver and his co-worker could not catch the pedigrees so they went back to the garbage  can. Tom was still in there so they took him to the  animal shelter.

Sadly,  Siamese Carolyn and her friends walked home without  Tom to protect them. They passed the yard of the junk yard dog. He started after them but luckily for them his owners had him on a heavy chain. Carolyn and her friends didn’t know that so they ran as fast as their little legs would carry them.

Their minds were on getting away from the junk yard dog and they didn’t see the Humane Truck right behind them.  Somehow,  Carolyn made it home. Nevertheless,  Lori and Amy were caught and sent to the shelter with Tom


To be continued

Part 3: The Cat’s Me ow

Tom said:  you know Miss Siamese Carolyn, all of us are grouped by man in the family of felidae.  From the largest of our group, tigers, to the smallest, all of you- house cats and me. I am Mr. Alley Tom Cat, Mr. Cool Cat, you dig!  I don’t have an owner to go to the store and buy my food. When I’m not raiding garbage  cans, I catch birds, lizards and mice. I’m like a tiger in the wild. Nobody gives me my food. I eat whatever I want whenever I want.

Mr. Tom Cool Cat catechized Miss Carolyn: What happens on the days it rains and garbage is not put out until the trash truck  run? On rainy days lizards and mice stay hid.

Hey!  you are trying to avoid the subject. What about the family next to the short hairs?  I haven’s seen any cats there. Whats up with them? That family had a Siamese Cat like me. She was beautiful. When I first came here, I looked up to here. I was just a baby and she was all grown. Then I grew up and became a threat to her beauty. Even the humans admired my beauty.

We all went to the park.  We played peacefully with the dogs. Some of the owners had dogs and cats. Everybody got alone peacefully.  Siamese Lady became jealous of my beauty.  Siamese Lady stopped playing with us  and tried to play with the dogs. Some of the dogs who had not been trained to play with cats didn’t know what she was trying to do. When she grabbed their ball and started to run away with it, they killed her. The police came and said that cats and dogs could not play on the same day. Her family loved Lady so much,  they could not bring themselves to get another cat.

OK, I see. I don’t mess with dogs period. Dogs can’t be trusted. Trained or not, dogs can’t be trusted. One day a junk yard dog got after me and a buddy. My buddy called  all of his friends that lived in that Alley.  Me, my buddy and all of his friends tore that joker up.  But, all dogs are not like that, protested Miss Siamese Carolyn. One bad dog does not spoil the entire species.

You say you go to the park with the Burmese Cat, the Manx cats, the American Wire hairs and lots of others. Tell me something about them. Do you like them? Oh yes, replied Carolyn, The Burmese Cat is my best friend. My owner says we are related. But she usually has a color of  brilliant, golden-yellow eyes. Like me she has a  dignified, aloof manner. And like me, she makes an affectionate and loyal pet for her owner.

The Manx Cats are the only cats born without tails. Sometimes the kittens of a Manx mother Cat have short tails at birth. But a true pedigree lacks any tail. Manx have short backs and high rumps. Some humans think they are stuck up, but that’s just the nature of the Manx.  All Cats are like that regardless of their breed. I’m like you. I don’t have to have an owner. I have never ingested a mouse, a bird or even a lizard or a mouse. I would like to. Just once, I’d like to go were I want and do whatever I please. You are free! If ever this gate is open, I will follow you to the ends of the earth.


To be continued





Part 2: The Cat’s Me ow

Somewhat agitated by his line of questioning, she replied. I don’t know. My mistress uses her hands to open the gate. Since I’m too short and I don’t have hands, I can’t open the gate. My mistress would be gravely peeved to know I’m communicating with you without knowing your owner.  My owner! he retaliated. I have you to know I’m free!  I don’t have a owner!  I’m a Cool Cat! Delicately she ask: What is your pedigree? What do you mean? What is my pedigree? I don’t have a pedigree, I’m a Cool Cat! I’m free! Nobody owns me. Do all of you living on this street have pedigree owners? Laughingly she replied: we usually say lineage, descent or ancestry when we speak of our  owners. we don’t refer to our owners’  pedigree. We Cats have pedigree. He then licked himself and said: Uh hu, yes ok, yes, I see.

What about your neighbor’s cat across the street? Does he have a pedigree? She purred, oh yes. He has a specialty unique  only to his breed. Tom asked: What breed is that? Siamese Carolyn answered: His is a Russian Blue Cat.  That breed is rare in the United States, but is a popular breed in England.  Then he ask about the two living next door. Siamese Carolyn politely walked away saying I don’t want to talk about them. Tom asked her why. Siamese Carolyn said they are sister and brother. Domestic Shorthairs taken from the shelter. Their Mistress takes them to the same groomer I go to. The girl makes me sick, putting on airs. She knows the first time she had ever been groomed was at the shelter. Animal Control picked them up in some alley. Hey, hey, wait a minute. Don’t forget I’m a alley cat too.

Are you stuck up? It seems you are a little stuck on yourself. No, I’m not stuck up. I overheard some of the ladies who play poker with my Mistress say: those people are the nova rich. When they first came here, they had dogs. Everyone on our street have cats. They got rid of the dogs and the next thing we knew, here come the Short hairs. They were wearing real diamond collars. They are just show offs if you ask me.

to be continued

Part 1: The Cat’s Me ow

There once lived a  Siamese Cat in a rich old woman’s house. It was a large antebellum home on a very rich street.  The Siamese  cat slept on a satin pillow and drank her milk from a real china bowl.  Each day the the old woman took her out in her fenced in backyard to visit the neighbors cats. Each cat walked around their owner’s fenced in yard. Each cat strutted like anyone’s thoroughbred Arabian  horse. Each cat was well pampered. If the cat was a girl, she was taken to the groomer for a well deserved pedicure.  Her nails were shaped, filed and painted. There was a beautiful jewel tiara on her head and the boys were decked out in  expensive waist top Tuxedo and boutonnieres.  All in all, life was good. Or perhaps I should say, better than good.

One day as the Siamese Cat was brushing her hair up against the back fence, she came eye to eye with a Tom Cat. She tried to look away but she couldn’t. She knew the old lady would not approve of her new found friend but he walked up to the fence,  sat on his hind legs and just gawked.  His stare made her feel uncomfortable but she could not help herself.  Her heart skipped a beat but her eyes stayed glued on him.

Never in her life had she met an alley cat. This was a new experience for her. The old woman made sure her play dates were only with the neighbors cats. They were fun. There was always enough yearn for everyone and there were other toys galore. Play time was always interesting and fun. Yet, there was something about this Tom Cat that said “I’d like to get to know you”.

Without saying a word she eased back, then turned around and walked back into the house. She did not want to turn around and look but something made her look anyway and he was still there.

The next day was a play day. The rich old lady had her chauffeur take them to the Park to met the other pedigree cats, therefore she didn’t see  him.  She saw her old friends; Abyssinian Cat, American Short hair,  American wirehair, Bali nees Cat, Bengal Cat, , Biman Cat and Bombay Cat.  After she didn’t see Tom Cat,  she thought     ” Good, he was just passing through and I will never see him again”.  However, the very next day the old rich lady let her go back in her backyard and there he was again gawking.  This time he ask: How do I get in? I’d like a closer look.

to be continued

Carrie’s Hope

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. I am not for nor against anybody nor anything but that that is right. Our government is built on the three branches of government; the legislative, the executive and the  judicial. We are still the United States of America. As of today, we still have checks and balances.

We have some people who believe one part of our government has power over another. Some of our forefathers came to this country for the right to practice their religious beliefs. Others of us were brought here on slave ships. Whether we came, we were brought or we were sent we now all hold these truths to self evident, that all men are created equal.  And that we are endowed by our creator with certain enable rights, among these are; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If this is not your gold, you are in the wrong country. If your intentions are to change our constitution, you are in the wrong country. If the rich is more significant than the poor, you are in the wrong country. Our Democracy came from the Greeks. The Greeks took their ideas from the Hebrews. The Hebrews got their ideas from God. If you have a problem with that, you are definitely in the wrong country.

An Old Fashion Chit Chat

There are many days I sit at my computer not knowing what to write.  However,  the minute I sit down something comes to me. It can be a story I heard or wrote  as a child or something I have seen or even something I have heard on the streets or TV.

It is interesting how your love comes alive the minute you make up in your mind to do it. Some people who love quilt making  usually work from a pattern. It can be one that they designed themselves or one that they purchased.  Then,  there are others armed with only a love for quilt making who just sit at their quilt maker and come up with a beautiful idea. That is called a true love or passion for something.

Many of you know of my car accident. Since that time, I have left off my love of the piano or any musical instrument.  I have been inclined to do whatever seemed easy to me. Today, it has been just a little over thirteen years since the accident. I have decided to no longer use my piano as a piece of furniture that needs dusting.  From this day forward, I will try to reunite my heart, fingers and spirit with my piano.

Those of you who are of a certain age, remember the days when our parents or a  favorite aunt or uncle covered their furniture with plastic. In those days furniture was to be kept for as lifetime. It had to be protected because it had to last forever. It was your family’s private museum piece of art. Well, no longer. Children jump up and down on the family furniture. People no longer have living rooms. Now people have family rooms were popcorn is left on the couch and soda is spilled on the floor. Furniture is no longer a sacred museum of art. Piano , here I come! Ready or not, here I come!

My advice,  if you have put something away that was a true love or a  passion in the past, pick it up again. You may discover you still like it. That is my story and I am sticking to it!

“Love” What does it mean?

At my Church, it is a mega church.  We are encouraged to walk up and embrace total strangers and say “I love you”. I mean it.  While He was here on earth, Jesus Christ did it. However, from time to time, I get the feeling people are doing it because they have been asked to do so. Sometimes people say “God loves you and so do I”   God loves me of that I’m sure.  It’s the “so do I” that I am a little unsure about.

Here in America, we say ” I love ice cream”. I might suggest one should say “I like ice cream very much”. We sometimes say I love my pet or I love my parents and siblings. The love we have for our pets is not the same as the love we have for our parents and other siblings.  It should not be.  We say I love my children and my spouse or significant other.  That is all good but what does it mean?  One loves ice cream differently from the way one loves his/her parents or other siblings.  It is not a crime to say one loves his/her children differently from the way one loves his/her spouse or significant other.

In other countries, people are more specific in their use of the word (L O V E)  love. There is a specific word for the love of ice cream or something to eat and a different word for the love of a  pet and another word for the love of a friend or distance relative.  There is still another word for romantic love.  American English Language needs more words.  We all know what is meant by “God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Keep loving. It is good for your health. Simply make sure it is the correct kind of love for each occasion.

Dr. Zhivago

There are books that should be required reading to become a public servant. If you happen to be a public servant and you don’t have the time for such a thick book as Dr. Zhivago, there is a film.  Let me warn you, it is long too.

According to Wikipedia, Doctor Zhivago is a 1965 British-Italian epic romantic drama film directed by David Lean.  It is set in Russia between the years prior to World War 1 and the Russian Civil War of 1917-1922 and is based on the 1957 Boris Pasternak novel of Doctor Zhivago.

Perhaps, those who rush to dismiss our present government should remind themselves of World History. Don’t rush to get rid of what you have if you can not replace it with something better.  What is replaced must be good for us all as a nation. I understand those who are as poor as church mice, so am I. Even those who have once had and no longer have are been frustrated. However, I do not wish to get myself into something that appears to be good but in the long run, I see it is not. Only what I have arrived at is a quick fix.  At first glance,  everything appears to be moving in the right direction.  In the end, we discover everything has gone far south ( figuratively and metaphorically).

Doctor Zhivago is basically a love story.  However, it does hint to things that were going on wrong in politics. Hopefully, our present-day public servants will glean what is said as well as what is not said.

Part 4: No Boundary

Without the cooperation of all the farmers, Mrs. Brown was at a lost as to how to handle the difficult situation she was in.  She was relentless in her fury to have her way. Farmer Brown wanted to keep his agreement with the older rabbits but he feared being uncooperative with his family. Everyone wished things would go back as they were but no one seem sure how. If Farmer Brown tore down Mrs. Brown’s fence, all the wild animals would pour in and destroy his garden. If he left the fence up, the new sheriff would seize Mrs. Brown by the authority of the law. How were they going to work out this problem?

The animals had a problem as well. One buffalo said:  We have co-existed here peacefully for decades where the deer and the antelope play without so much as a discouraging word. Another animal said: I heard one of  Farmer Brown’s boys cleaning his gun. It sound pretty discouraging to me. We  need the help of Father Time and Mother Nature. An old rabbit ask: Who will go and ask for help? An Old Snail sitting in the conner said : I’ll go.  All the animals jumped for joy. The New Sheriff and now Mother Nature and Father Time would be with them.  All they had to do was just sit back and wait. They waited and waited until the animals were getting tired of waiting. Mr. Buffalo ask one of the young rabbits to go check and see what was taking Snail so long. The young rabbit ran out the door and saw Mr. Snail on the bottom stoop. The young rabbit said: Oh, thank God, you’re back. What took you so long? Mr. Snail looked up at the young jack rabbit and said: Stop messing with me or I wont go!

It was Mrs. Brown’s first time to  sincerely get on her knees and pray. Oh yes, Mrs, Brown’s family had  seen her on her knees before, but this time was different. She was truly sincere. Because of her sincerity, her prayer was answered.

Perhaps not as she expected, but the cavalry did come and never again did the Farmers and the animals have a disagreement again as how to share the land.

Farmer Brown and the other farmers were happy, the animals  were happy and the New Sheriff was happy. Never again did the farmers try to preserve it all for themselves. We live on this planet together.