Mrs. Morrow’s Bad Day

Mrs. Morrow arrived at school early that rainy Monday  morning to meet her kindergarten t’y class. Besson was  The

first student to meet her there that rainy morning. He lived close to  school and enjoyed  walking in  the rain. With great  excitement,  he told Mrs. Morrow he attended her Church yesterday.  That news was the greatest news Mrs. Morrow had heard since  she  heard of scliced  bread. Mrs. Morrow asked did he remember anything from church. Besson told her, yes, I remembered everything.  The Pastor talked about the Lord and chez-it.

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Who Needs A Way Out?

I was a greeter on the day  two Canadians walked into the rotunda at the Civil Rights Institute It was a man and his wife. They had never been to our country but they had heard a lot about this country on their television. What they had seen was impressive but they wanted to learn more about our history.  Especially  more about the south. How we, as Blacks survived the 60’s. Hence, the trip to the Civil Rights Institute was very important to them. They mention going down to Montgomery was something they had thought about doing. Maybe I suggested it was something they needed to put on their bucket list. I’m not sure which of us came up with the idea. I am very sure they decided to go to Montgomery before leaving the United States.

One thing they notice, not related to the Institute, was our number of people who beg. They could barely make it through the streets without encountering beggars. Why was this so? They had read that this was one of the richest countries in the world. People Just wanted a way out. The man told me he wanted to revert to his childhood days.When a friend asked for a way out. He always told him he would help him find a way out. Which way did he come in?

We both had a big laugh at that joke, but that’s the truth. Some people make a habit out of making excuses for not working.  I don’t mind  helping those who really need help. However, we have people who make a career of finding ways to distort the truth. I gave a lift to  a woman one day who came out of the grocery store with  bags full of groceries still begging. She, positively, did not need to beg.  For her, begging had become a habit. There are people who truly need  a way out. I can’t tell you who is really in need and who is a professional beggar.

There are programs for those persons really in need. The Jimmy Hale Missions, the Light House, the Aletheia House,  Good will, Our Churches and the Salvation Army to name a few.

Some people have mental health issues. They are all mix up with those that are healthy. If a healthy  individual remains on the streets too long, he too will develop mental health issues. Before one does anything, that individual should consult the Lord for guidance.  Family members  should look after their own. If family members wont or are not able to help, it is the responsibility of the church.  For those who refuse care of any type, it is no longer anyone’s responsibility to give assistance. Those persons are just users. Some of them get more money begging than the rest of us who work for a living.

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Little Squirrel’s First Day at School

It was Little Squirrel’s first day at school. Little Squirrel did not go to kindergarten like his other classmates. Everything was new and fresh to him. Little Squirrel was totally at a loss with great expectations for the new year. He had been told a lot about school but he had no first hand knowledge.

His parents said: don’t do this or that, Little  Squirrel. Then they would say never mind. Your teacher will straighten you out once you get to school. His brothers and sisters would say: Ooooh ,  Little Squirrel, you are going to be in a lot of big trouble once you get to school if you don’t change your ways! Your teacher is going to get you!!! Little Squirrel’s friends who had gone to public kindergarten would tell him: Always be careful to be on your best behavior at school. That way you don’t find yourself in the principal;s office.

Little Squirrel was afraid to death of school. He had heard so many frightful  stories about school. School was just an awful, gruesome place to be. His teacher would be a ghastly old witch who would treat the children cruelly. School was just a savage place to be.

There Little Squirrel sat waiting for the arrival of the  ghastly old witch. In walked a pretty young woman who said my name is Miss Bird. I am your teacher. Little Squirrel sat there waiting for the hammer to fall.  Little Squirrel said to himself: o’k , she is pretty, but, I bet she is as mean as all get out. Give Miss Bird a couple of days and the real Miss Bird will come out! She will end up being an angry Bird!

Little Squirrel kept waiting for the other shoe to fall. As the day passed,  Little Squirrel  kept learning new and interesting things. Finally, Little Squirrel had to admit he liked school and Miss Bird really was a nice teacher. When she showed them her puppets, she was amusing and delightful.  They were entertaining yet acceptable as she got her message and rules over.  She never diverted the true meaning of her message while she made it pleasurable for the children.  While enjoying the real meaning of the lesson, their understanding of school rules were firmly  stamped in their memory and appreciated.  It is not the teacher’s duty to force children to obey laws.  Parents should do that before they leave home. However,  when children break laws,  there are consequences.

There were some bad kids in his class Miss Bird had to discipline. At the end of this year, Little Squirrel, will tell other children if they behave well, SCHOOL IS FUN!!!

We Pray (Thy Will be Done)

As a child, we often repeat what is referred to  by Christians as the Lord’s Prayer. It is the prayer Jesus taught his disciples to say.  A part of that prayer says.  Thou will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  We say the words but do we really mean what we say? The answer to that question is clearly NO. What we really want is for God to agree with our will.

That is why  the devil takes charge when Christians disagree. A good plan for ruining what is not clearly made plain is disagreement.  We all want to serve the Lord.  Sometimes  it’s our method of service that causes the disagreement. The devil will make one of the parties believe  the other party just wants  to use them or make them  feel less important.

Their separation  maybe the will of God. He wants his will to be done by both parties, It may be that He has given them both an  assignment.  Both are in His will, but they wont do it together. One does not have to hate the other or give false reports about the other person in order for God’s will to be done. The God I serve is a BIG God. He can perform His miracles without our help. If we believe tearing down those we believe to be our enemy pleases God. My brother/sister, Think Again! It might be yourself you are tearing down. God’s will, still will be done on earth as it is in heaven. You may be the richest person on earth or the poorest person on earth. It does not matter to my God who you are.

Amen and Amen

Little Turtle

Little turtle came home sad from school one day because he got in a big  fight.  After lunch, their teacher always took them for a walk around the playground. Often, the girls would get together and talk  as they walk.  The boys would race one another.  They had a physical education teacher, but their home room teacher took them to lunch and directly after lunch they had Math. His teacher always said the swift walk was good for their brain. He had to agree, the swift walk did make Math fun. Little turtle was always happy and this made his mother notice him more when he was sad.

Most of his classmates had green backs,  but one little turtle had a blue back. None of the other turtles would choose little blue back turtle to be on their team unless the teacher insisted they choose little blue back. Some were brown and green. Some were all brown.  Some were green and white, some were white and brown and some were all green,  but none were blue with the exception of one.

The teacher chose little green turtle to be the team’s captain. As captain,  you get to choose whoever you want on your team. Turtles are slow but little blue was extremely slower than most. Little blue would round the bases by the time P.E. was over.

Everyone on Little Green Turtle’s team wanted to fight him because he choose little Blue to be on his team. Little Green was a fighter so he whipped them all. All of little Green Turtle’s teammates went home crying to their mothers. Little Green Turtle cried too because he lost all of his friends. He knew little Blue was slow but he choose him in spite of his difference. We are all flowers in the garden. None of us are exactly alike. Even identical twins have different finger prints.

Little green back turtle’s mother asked little green back did little Blue seem infuriated by the fact that others left him out. Not at all times it is important that you feel it’s your duty to make others agree with you. Being silent is not always prudent nor is it always wise not to speak.  There are times things work themselves out on their own.

Most of us are like little green. We see an injustice and we want to correct it right then and there. Then, there are others who never take a stand.

The next day, all the boys declared Little Green a winner because he was not a coward. Even when your opinion is not popular. go ahead. Take a stand. You may think you are alone. The courage Little Blue received from being chosen just that one time gave him the incentive needed to do greater things.  Sometimes, one act of kindness affect all of their lives.

The next day Little Blue Back, no longer shy,  became the Math captain.



Part 2: No Man Is An Island

As Joan Whitney and Alex Kramer once penned, NO MAN IS AN ISLAND.

I would like to paraphrase their song to say: “NO COUNTRY IS AN ISLAND (in the context of it’s laws).  No country stands alone. We all live on this same terrestrial ball. We can not make laws just for our country. That is why our forefathers knew we needed the United Nations and other  groups of countries that combine themselves.

Each country’s joy is joy to me. Each country’s  grief is my own. We need one another. So I will defend, Each man (woman )  as my brother/sister, each man ( woman )  as my friend.

As President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said when he came to Birmingham, Alabama in 1944, when most Blacks were kept from voting.  Let those who are free citizens vote. Regardless of the color of their skin, let them vote! Regardless of the color of one’s skin, when he/she is seeking a better way of life, let them pursue it.

Regardless of who we are and what country we hail from,   our Constitution sates: :” All men (woman)  are created equal.”

The preamble

We the people of the United States  of America in order to form a more perfect Union, establish  justice , insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The Constitution of the United States with its’ 27 Amendments is our supreme law. The Constitution, originally comprised of only seven articles. Times and events changed. Our forefathers were  wise enough to recognize that fact. That is why they wrote in the preamble ” secure the Blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity  ( future generations )”

Those who are coming and those who were born here, we want all of you to know,  it makes no difference, if you are Black, Yellow, Red or White, we as a race of people have struggled too long to have to  start over again. Some rich Jews thought they were safe until it was too late. Don’t let your wealth fool you. A hint to the wise is sufficient.

We, as a country must live up to our own Declaration of Independence

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

When I taught music, I taught the children to sing “This is my country,  land of my birth. This is my country,  grandest on earth.  I pledge thee my allegiance,  America- THE bold, this is my country,  to have and to hold.   This is my country, land of my  CHOICE  This is my country, hear my  PROUD VOICE.  I pledge thee my allegiance, America- THE BOLD.  For  THIS IS MY COUNTRY,  TO HAVE AND TO HOLD!!!

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No Man Is An Island

Late  Saturday night as I lay in bed, I watched a television minister talk on a subject dear to my heart. I can’t remember  exactly what he said, but to paraphrase his words; he said treat others the way you want to be treated. Immediately one would think he was using the scriptures in the Bible. Perhaps, he was using the 22 chapter of Matthew for his background scripture.  In verse 36 after Jesus put a Sadducee to silence. One of the Pharisees, which was was a lawyer, asked him a question tempting him, saying, Master , which is the greatest commandment in the law? Jesus replied saying: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and mind. This is first and greatest commandment and the second is like unto it, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” That is what one would think he would use as his background support.

However, he did not! He used the Constitution of the United States of America for his background information. Of course, he did relate scriptures in his message.

This message was not for Democrats or Republicans. Nor  was it even for Libertarians , or any other group that could not make up their mind as to which group they fell in. It was a message to warn people of all groups to be diligently moral and non-corrupt in their dealings with one another.

One reason I was so impressed with his teachings, he expressed the christian thing to do is to treat all men justly.  We have immigrants coming into our country looking for freedom. Yes, a few of them are coming in for no good reason. However, a few of us born here are up to no good.

We can not continue to treat immigrants disrespectfully and think we will be blessed as a nation  All law abiding immigrants should abide by the laws of the countries they are trying to enter. It’s a two way street. America is not the only country where immigrants are trying to assimilate themselves.

If anyone is asking, yes, this is an amazing country. It is a country where you are not judged by the color of your skin. We do not judge you according to your race, color,  religion, or gender. Here, no man stands alone.

However, our laws are based on the teachings of Christ. Simply, do unto others as you would have them do unto to you. Not, do unto others as others do.

to be continued

Part 12: The Cat’s Me ow

Carolyn told the Alleys she would not come without her best friend, Amy. The Alley’s said o’k, but hurry.

To every ones surprise and delight, the pest control man came and again left all of the gates open. Tom, Carolyn, Amy and Lori left this time with no intentions of ever coming home. Carolyn told the girls, this time, we will listen and obey Tom’s every word. Some of the other girls saw Carolyn, Amy and Lori and decided to follow them.

When the gang reached the Alley’s dwelling,  the boys were bewildered to see so many female cats. Yellow Cat inquired:  Tom, we were only expecting Carolyn and one of her friends,  but we see a full harem. Did you bring them here for us?

The lady who lives in the big house on the hill put out a big spread for us,  said Sleepy Cat. Our (P.H.C.I.C.)  took a couple of cats with him the last time he went and she put out a full bag of cat food.  Girls ! Let’s go!  Afterwards, we can hide out in her basement and she won’t call the Animal Control on us. The food was to everyone’s delight. The cats partied all night long.

Trouble came when it was time for Carolyn to give birth. Her Vet was not there to assist her and Carolyn had a hard time.  After her kittens were born, Carolyn nursed them to good health.  Tom was afraid Carolyn would take the kittens and  go home. She often complained how the kittens were not pampered the way her Owner pampered her.

After the kittens were weaned, Carolyn and Tom led them back to the house Carolyn grew up in. Once the kittens were inside the gate, Carolyn and Tom hid. The kittens stared to Me ow. The maid came to the door and called The Lady of the House. Carolyn’s Owner was thrilled to see the kittens. They all looked just like Carolyn, She called for Carolyn because she thought the sight of the kittens meant  Carolyn had returned.  The Owner stood there and called and call. Tom knew it was a hard choice for Carolyn to make.

As Carolyn walked back to Tom, she loudly proclaimed, it was not a difficult decision for me. My Owner always said she wanted the babies to sell. I was going to loose them anyway.

The End

11: The Cat’s Me ow

As planned, Carolyn’s owner let Tom and Carolyn exercise in the backyard. Carolyn and Tom found the place where the Alley Cats were digging and covered their dig  with grass and twigs.  Afterwards, they slowly walked back to the house.

The next day, Tom and Carolyn were taken to the Vet by their owner for the readiness  of the  “Cat Show”.   While Carolyn was there, the Veterinarian decided to inseminate her. There was nothing Tom could do because he was in  surgery for the owner’s  telephone Number and address implant.

Later that day,  they were taken to the cat show. Both were sick and ineligible to compete.  Sadly, Carolyn’s owner took them both home and  allowed them to recuperate in their own cage.

The next day the Alleys were disappointed when they didn’t see Carolyn nor Tom but they continued to dig.  Fortunately, no one came out in the backyard to see the hole the Alleys dug.

The next day,  as Carolyn and Tom tried to cover the Alley’s dig,  the Alleys let Tom know they were tried. You and Carolyn need to come now, said Yellow Cat. Tom tried to explain Carolyn didn’t fell well. She had just had surgery for insemination and she was with kittens.  That did not matter to the Alleys. Tom and Carolyn needed to come now. Tom asked Carolyn did she think she could make the journey. Carolyn agreed to try.

To be continued:

Part 10: The Cat’s Me ow

Tom  was insistent  that they wait before voting. Hear me out, Tom insisted. I have another plan that goes along with that plan. Speak up Tom. We have always depended on your guidance.  Don’t let us down. You were always our savior when things got ruff, the old   (P.H.C.I.C) cat said.

You must be willing to do some hard  work with us.  With a little doubtfulness in his voice,  Yellow Cat asked: What do you want us to do? Tomorrow is my last day of trial in this cage.  Are you sure? All of the other alleys wanted to know. He is telling the truth. I heard my owner tell her maid she thought Tom could be trusted. He has been in the cage long enough. They are going to test him tonight. If all goes well,  they will let him roam free tomorrow in the yard. Go ahead Tom. Share your plan, encouraged the alleys.

Tonight, you guys find a soft place under the fence. Dig until morning light. Tomorrow when Carolyn and I come out, we will cover the uncovered place where you dug with grass and twigs. Each night continue to dig until the place is large enough for Carolyn and me to get through. We will escape that way if you don’t like my first plan.

Now, you are making a little sense said Tabby. We will do our part. Just make sure you don’t renege on us,  said Old Cat. I wont, but I can’t leave without Carolyn. It is going to take some time. She thinks  the Vet. will artificially  inseminate her tomorrow. After she has her babies and wean them, Carolyn will be ready to go.

It will take time for us to get a whole built large enough for both of you to get through. We will start tonight. Carolyn may need to come before the babies are born. It takes too long to wean kittens. We don’t have that much time.

to be continued