Again I say: All Lives Matter!

I was criticized for saying “All Lives Matter”. What others did not understand, I did not say “Black Lives” did not matter. My intentions were not to diminish the worth of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Now, there is proof that the media does not publish evidence of missing or sexually abused Black Women and Children to the extent that they report other races. Shame on you media! Women and children have been mistreated for ages. This morning, I read Genesis 22-24. Issac needed a wife. His wife should not, according to his father, be taken from the country where they were living. His father sent his servant to the country of his birth. He was to find a wife among his kinsmen for his son, Issac.
In some countries, that custom continues even today. However, according to the “Black Lives Matter Movement” and the “Women Movement”, that custom is unacceptable. The question that should be addressed is a custom relevant today.   Today, yesterday, always, “All Lives Matter”.  Do “Black Lives Matter? Yes, Yes, Yes yes, Yes yes, Black Lives Matter! All Lives Matter.  Rebekah should have had some say in the marriage matter, but according to the Jewish customs at that time, she did not. American culture would also have a problem with the customs of marrying your father’s brother child. Today that would be called incest.
That is the reason some atheist have a problem with the Bible. It simply records what happened not what should have happened. If our Lord and Savior had done everything for us, mankind would live in paradise on earth. There are a few things we must discover for ourselves. He sent His son as a sacrifice for us. The veil was torn. Old laws were dismissed and Jesus’s death established new laws.

The women’s movement would have a problem with the custom of having more than one wife. In those days men could have an additional woman called a  concubine. Godly men could have as many concubines as they wished or could afford. Today men still do. They are called mistress.  I am not sure why any woman then or now would want to be a mistress. Some women have low self-esteem. Some women are after the money and still, there are those who have foolishly convinced themselves they are going to get the man.  Then there are some women who do.

Those who think that one particular human or animal’s life is more important than another, they are wrong! Again I say “all lives matter”!

The Jungle Party

I went to the Jungle festival holiday party. Everyone in the jungle came. The guest list read like Who is Who among animals. Mr. & Mrs. Baboon came with six of their children. A family of Hippopotami came with their darling little ones. There were the Wolves and their relatives. All the Foxes were there. Mr. and Mrs. Elephant and their one-year-old only son attended. Other Elephants were there too. No one was surprised at seeing a whole host of Hyenas. They are always a show wheresoever there is food. The Monkeys, Alligators, Crocodiles and the Kangaroos were there as well.
The Kangaroos were newlyweds. They were legitimately in love. Everyone could tell because the two stayed wrapped around each other’s neck.
The little Baboons and the little Monkeys started playing around the mulberry bush. Each time they ran around the bush, they each would eat one of the mulberries. The little Baboons ran around so many times eating mulberries, they ran their sugar up and fell over Mrs. Elephants’s trunk. Mr. Elephant was so angry with the little Baboons for embarrassing Mrs. Elephant in front of her only child, he scolds them for running over his wife’s trunk. Mr. Baboon became insulted that Mr. Elephant scolds his children. He started a scrimmage with Mr. Elephant. It was not Mr. Monkey’s fight, donnybrook he jumped into the brawl to help Mr. Baboon because Mr. Elephant was about to get the best of Mr. Baboon. It was The King’s party. Mr. Lion, the King of the jungle, called the jungle police. The jungle police were represented by all of the animals of the jungle.
They came and pulled Mr. Elephant and Mr. Baboon apart. Mr. Elephant and Mr. Baboon were arrested. The families of Mr. Baboon, Mr.Elephant and Mr. Monkey went home. It should have been a happy occasion, however, it turns sour. All the other animals lost their joy until the Lion King started singing Joy To The World. Everyone joined in and afterward, the party continued. All the mothers watched their children and everyone had fun. The Baboons, the Elephants, and the Monkeys missed the fun.

Somebody Bigger Than You & I

There are so many people calling the name of their god. Each one professing they trust the real god. Then there are people who don’t believe in any god. Those people are called atheist. I wonder as I wander who do they believe made the mountains. Who made the animals and the trees? Who made fish and the rivers that flow to the seas? Who flung the stars and the moon in the sky above? Who write the songs for the robins to sing? Who keeps me company when all earthly friends forsake me? Who gives me the courage to go on from there? It is somebody bigger than you and I.
People the world over will stop to recognize Jesus’s birthday. Was His birth on December 25? That is a man-made date we can all agree on. He is the only begotten son of the true and living God. Those of us who have been born again know we have been adopted into the family of God. Adopted children have the same rights and privileges as any other child in the family. We have been born again. Did we crawl back into our mother’s womb? No, we did not! We also died and was buried with Him. Did we have a physical death? No, we did not! We were born and died with Him spiritually.
So many people calling to Him by many a different name. One Father, lovingly the same. He is LOVE. As true Christians, we must love the unlovable. As He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free while God is marching on. Happy Holidays to those who wish to say “Happy Holidays” but as for me, it is “Merry Christmas!”. After all, He is the reason for this season. He and His Father are bigger and more powerful than you and I.

What I Really Want for Christmas

A family in the neighborhood moved to Arkansas and took everything with them with the exception of their cat. The cat went from house to house looking for food. I despereatly wanted the cat to stay at my house. I imagine myself with a sweet grey and white cat sitting serenely on the window ceil, patiently waiting for me to come home. One night I heard cats crying outside in my backyard. The last time I heard that sound was about thrity years ago. Later the female cat was pregnant and then she no longer hung around my house. I was not as prudent as I should have been. I should have left cat food out and she would have returned for the food. I told a friend my plans. A good friend encouraged me not to do that. I live in a woody area and he suggested any wild animal would eat the cat food. With my poor eyesight, I would encourage a racoon to eat my cat food and thusly bring a racoon in my house.
Then I had a more intelligent idea. I decided to wait and hope that sound meant the cat would soon be pregnant. I would find where the babies were born and steal one of the babies. That too was not my most brilliant idea. I imagine myself with someone trying to steal one of my babies. I would behave like a mother bear. Then again what if the cat I wanted to catch was a BOY! The cat never got close enough for me to identify its gender. Oh me, oh my, all I really want for Christmas is a cat. Possibly, a dog to take Moe’s place.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

When I was a little girl, children would say “Rain, rain go away. Little children want to play”. Today, November 13, 2018, it is raining in Birmingham, Alabama. I thought about that rhyme we would say: “Rain, rain, go away. Little children want to play. Come again another day”. Then, I remembered for a couple of days how the fires in California were burning forest, wildlife, houses, humans and their pets. How selfish could I be? ?Yes, it is raining in Birmingham. Yet, it is not raining all over the world. When I was in high school and college Ray Charles sang “It’s a Rainy Night in Georgia. It seems like it’s raining all over the world.
There are many places that need rain. If they have not had rain in a long time in California, their vegetation is dry. Trees, houses, wildlife and even humans in the fire’s path are destroyed. Just this morning, I saw on TV official still begging people to leave their belongings behind and go someplace safe. We can get new everything but new lives.
The men and women from other states who have gone from their safe homes to help the firemen and first responders in California are to be congratulated. Just as the firemen and first responders at 9/11 put their lives in danger for others Firemen and First Responders in this situation are to be held dear in our hearts as heroes and sheroes.
Yesterday morning, November 15, 2018, the telephone rang. It was a voice telling me our job at the Jimmy Hale Mission ( a place for the homeless ) in Birmingham was called off because of the light snow here. Our plans were to feed the homeless lunch. My thoughts were: Aren’t the homeless just as hungry on snowy days as they are on sun-shiny days? Then I thought my group is over 50. Many of us are way over 50. It was dangerous for some to drive in snowy weather. People in Alabama are not accustomed to snow, therefore it is dangerous for most of us to drive. I went on down to my other place where I volunteer on Thursday. A group of young people was there partying like it was 1999. A little flurry of snow didn’t even cross their mind. All in all, it turns out to be a very good day.
Whether it is rains, snow or fire, God has a purpose for all. At the time we may not like the plan. However, it is His plan. When the storms of life are raging, stand.

The Duck That Swam Alone

Most people know on Fridays I volunteer with Meals on Wheels. On Fridays, I drive by Eastlake Park on my way home from delivering Meals. Last Friday, the Park was desolate. The Birmingham Police at one time had a station across the streets from the park, that made us all feel safe. They needed a larger building and are no longer there. Before the city built The Railroad Park, Eastlake Park was hustling and bustling with families feeding the ducks. The Birmingham City Firemen used the park as their training ground for speed. Often I would see Alabama Navy Seals and even the Birmingham City Police used the park as a training ground. Last Friday the park was empty. I decided to walk alone on the walking trail for old times sake.
While walking, my eyes fell on a duck that swam alone. Other ducks at the park either slept in a huddle or were busy together cleaning themselves. I wondered if they were like the animal kingdom. Animals will not allow a sick animal to mingle with them. Not even the mother of a sick animal. The sick animal is left alone to either heal itself or die. My mind went to several different places. Could it be that the duck desired to swim alone? It’s possible that the duck didn’t want the companionship of another duck. Perhaps, if he was in a group, he would have to go where the group went. Perhaps, he needed to meditate.
I wanted to be alone. To meditate would be the reason I wanted to walk alone. According to Wikipedia Encyclopedia, meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique such as focusing their mind on a particular object thought or achieve a mind clear and emotionally calm state.
Mediation has been practiced since antiquity in numerous religious beliefs. Since the 15th century, It has spread from its origins to other cultures where it is commonly practiced in private and business life. Mediation may be used with the aim of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and pain and increasing peace, perception, self-concept, and well-being.
This past Wednesday I could have used more prayer and meditation. I co-lead a small group at my church and one of the ladies in my group said something I knew was not a true statement. Instead of calmly telling her that was not always true, in a frenzy of words. I bashed her. Of course, I apologized. Very sweetly she accepted my apology.
All I want to say, time alone is not a bad thing if that time is spent in true prayer and meditation. Simply walking alone with your own thoughts may not be the best thing for one of God’s creatures. That duck just as we may have needed to be alone at that time. However, just like us, especially husbands and wives. God’s advice to us is to be alone for prayer and meditation. Afterward, we should reunite.

Are Old Goats Animals Too?

Farmer Brown had an old goat. It was a faithful old goat. She was a goat that Farmer Brown could always depend upon. Without so much as an unkindly murmur, she cleaned his yard by eating trash, wild weeds, and unruly grass. She faithfully gave the farmer cheese, milk and butter each day. Never did she require anything of value of the farmer but she did wonder within her own mind why the farmer often overlooked her.
Each day the farmer went to his barn to see his animals. He whispered sweet, sweet nothings in the ears of his best-beloved horse. Whenever the State Farmers had their Capital City Parade, they would ask the farmer to show off one of his most beloved farm animals. The farmer always showed off one of his horses or some other farm animal. Not once did the farmer choose the goat.
Year after year the farmer choose the same prancing filly. The goat decided I’ve been a little too self-centered. She thought: The farmer has so much on his mind he has just forgotten he has an old dependable goat. I will do something outstanding and he will notice I’m here. The goat thought and thought. What will I do that is different from that prancing filly? The goat practiced doing a different fancy gig from the one the prancing filly did. The goat only made herself look silly. Other animals in the barn house felt sympathy for Old Goat, however, there was nothing they could do.
The cow told her: He doesn’t need you. I give him milk, cheese, butter and on a few occasions I have eaten the grass. Not only that, my milk is sweeter than yours. Boy, did that make old goat feel low? In spite of everything the old goat heard she remained faithful. The old goat told herself: My day will come. Just you watch and see. Then low and behold her day did come. During the summer, engineers came and destroyed the forest near the farm. Wild reindeer often came to the forest near the farm for food during the winter. No forest, no reindeer! When the authorities from the Farmer’s Capital City Parade came and asked the farmer to get some reindeer for the Christmas Parade, the farmer had none to get. The authorities said that is ok, just give us some small horses. We will place fake antlers on their head. The problem with that, the farmer had no small horses.
Sadly the Authorities went away. The farmer hung his head in shame because he thought he could offer the Farmer’s Authorities nothing. As he placed his hat on his head and slowly walked away, the old goat said Baaaaa. A light went off in the farmer’s head. He asked the goat: You want some antlers on your head? Old goat turned to her companions and said: Come on compadres, this is our time to shine.
The moral of the story is: Don’t overlook anyone. You never know who you might need one day.

The End

The New Adventures of Old Owl

All Mighty Ale gave Old Wise Owl a new assignment. Old Wise Owl was now a postal Owl. His duties were to carry messages from one post to another. Old Wise Owl was very happy with his new assignment. It felt like a vacation in comparison with his last assignment. The two assignments were as different as day is from the night. They were totally dissimilar in every way imaginable. Old Wise Owl thought he was extremely lucky to have landed such a wonderful assignment.
Then a Dark Cloud arose. Old Owl looked up at the sky and said to himself, I’d better be quick. That Dark Cloud looks dangerous. Can I make my destination in time? I’ve heard stories of how Dark Clouds have interfered with the navigation of owls in the past. Sometimes Owls loose sense of direction. On other occasions, they have lost their packages. Even worst, Owls have lost their lives. Dark Clouds have sown so much havoc that nothing less than destruction lay in their path.
Other Owls could not outrun Dark Cloud but Old Wise Owl had a fantastic idea. Old wise Owl had been told stories of a little girl who had planted a tree in her backyard. The tree had been planted for the purpose of one day building a swing made of a tire for the little girl. However, the tree did not grow as fast as her father wanted it to grow. Her father decided to uproot the tree and plant it in another place in her garden. The little girl’s father tried and tried to pull the tree up but he could not. The father then decided to use his old pickup truck to pull the tree up. The little girl’s father tied a rope to the tree and the other end of the rope to his truck. Father tried again to pull the tree up. Father tore the backend of his truck up but the tree never bulged. The tree had deep roots.
Old wise Owl decided to find that tree and hollow out a place in the tree to hide until Dark Cloud past. At the passing of Dark Cloud, the winds howl and other trees bent or were blown away but the little girl’s tree stood strong and mighty. Old Wise Owl was safe.
The moral of this story is to find yourself an unbending safe tree with deep roots and wait for the Dark Cloud to pass. When the storms of life are raging, stand.

Wise Old Owl Meets His Surprise Challenger

Have you ever heard the song “I have two lovers” and they both are you.  That’s Old Wise Owl. This is a story where Old Owl meets a surprise challenger. Wise Old Owl is having a difficult time only because he does not recognize his enemy. He decides to challenge the antagonistic defiant one to a duel. He does not know who the enemy is. He only knows the enemy must be defeated. If Wise Old Owl wins, he loses. If Wise Old Owl loose, he loses.  He destroys himself if he wins. Himself destroys Wise Old Owl if he loses. Who will tell Wise Old Owl he is fighting himself? Do we need to call Detective Madalyn and her Associate Gabriel to solve this mystery? Who knows how to solve this mystery or who cares?
Detective Madalyn and her Associate Gabriel will ask the difficult questions. Their inquest would go something like this. Show me evidence number one. Old Owl would say: There is no evidence number one. Detective Madalyn and her Associate Gabriel would then say: Show me proof that a crime has taken place or is about to take place. There is no proof. At that juncture, Detective Madalyn and her Associate Gabriel would not take Wise Old Owl’s case. What is poor Wise Old Owl to do?
This quandary was a little more than Wise Old Owl was accustom to handling. Wise Old Owl thought and thought and then decided to call All Mighty Ale. All Mighty Ale told Old Owl: I know this is an emergency because you never call me unless you have an emergency. Old Owl had to admit it was an emergency. Old Owl told All Mighty Ale he was about to go into battle but he didn’t know how to prepare for the fight because he didn’t know who he was going to fight. All Mighty Ale said:  Lets go to the river and have a chit chat. Old Owl had never been in defiance of All Mighty Ale but this time Wise Old Owl said no. I need time to prepare for my fight. However, All Mighty Ale insisted that Wise Old Owl should go with him to the river. They sat there and chatted and chatted. After about an hour of chatting about life, All Mighty Ale said I must leave you now. Wise Old Owl said you can’t leave now without answering my question. All Mighty Ale turned and said: Your answer, You are fighting Cantankerous Eagles. He is in the river. Wise Old Owl looked in the river but the only thing he saw was his own reflection. All Mighty Ale smiled and said you are fighting yourself.
Wise Old Owl was furiously baffled as he asks All Mighty Ale: How do I fight myself? If I win, I lose.  If I lose, I lose.
All Mighty Ale answered: The ones who tried to trick you into fighting yourself will lose. Now that you know you are fighting yourself. I will unite you two. Cantankerous Eagle and Wise Owl are one. You both will fight the enemy and you both will win. With one quick swish, the two became one. The two went to battle and won. All the good habits of Wise Old Owl went into Eagle and all of the boldness and forwardness of Cantankerous Eagle went into Owl. Now, All Mighty Ale’s Team was complete.

Part 4: And The Beat Goes On

One Old King announced he would go talk with All Majesty Ale. He was an old emeritus King and no longer afraid of All Majesty Ale. Not only that, he and All Majesty Ale had developed a good friendly relationship.
All Majesty Ale came and straightened out things for King Rudy and Old Owl. Their relationship posed no threat to anyone. Not to the Queen or anyone on King Rudy’s Team. It was one that could not be made clear to the inhabitants of the jungle at that moment. All Majesty Ale knew it would be a hard task to convince the other Kings to just trust King Rudy. However, that was the best he could do for King Rudy and all the other kings. He could not share how blessed they would all become if they just followed King Rudy’s lead.
Now the Old King announced it was time to vote. Would King Rudy keep his leadership position? Queen Stella stood by his side and assured him whatever the outcome, she was with him.
The Kings voted. With a thundering roar, the Old Wise Emeritus King emerged to announce, not only was King Rudy still king of his jungle but he was now king of kings. All the Kings gave praise to King Rudy. This time there was a rumba in the jungle but it was a happy rumble in the jungle.

The End