Part 8: The Cat’s Me ow


This cat means real business, noted a sleepy eyed friend of Tom.  Leave Tom alone. Cried all of the other of Tom’s friends. The Old Cat said: He has a plan and he is not leaving without  Carolyn.  Thanks, replied Carolyn and Tom.

Be careful Carolyn. When your Vet notice you are in estrus or heat, you may be in trouble.  You may be that way at least five times in one year. Tom, you need to figure out how to get out of that cage now! Especially, if Carolyn’s owner finds her to be profitable. Most female cats stay in heat for about five days.  If Carolyn is not back from that Vet’s Hospital in one day, you can bet your soul that Doctor is NOT artificially inseminating her.

Carolyn, you say you want your freedom like Tom once had. It is not pretty out here. We have to run and hide from the Humane Society Truck, we have to find a place to go when the sun gets too high or it rain, we have to catch our own food or raid a garbage can. Carolyn, you think you can handle all of that?

Hey, you sound like you are trying to discourage her, Tom shouted. Tom, let a little realism sink in, replied the old cat. Let her hear the truth about our real world. Carolyn has a romantic view about our freedom. You may bring her out here and she may end up hating you.  I don’t want to see either one of you in misery. Her world consist of pedigrees and show cats.

Tom asked Carolyn: what’s a show cat? Purring, Carolyn answered questioningly, a show cat? Why, a show cat is just a cat his/her owner put in shows. Once a year, mostly in large cities, owners  sponsor a cat show. There are about 300 or more cat clubs and about 7 national associations in the United States and Canada. Most shows not only allow owners of pedigree breeds but any owner of a strong, healthy cats like Tom can enter. I can? asked Tom. Uh uh, goodbye Tom. I think you are beginning to like Carolyn’s world. Guys, I think it is time for us to find a new leader. Let’s forget about Tom.


to be continued


Part 9: The Cat’s Me ow

Wait, wait cried Tom!  Give me time to work things out. Maybe entering that show can serve a good purpose for all of us. What do you have in mind Tom? The old Cat asked, intimately. He was not so sure that Tom could come up with a good plan. I think Tom has had enough time to prove himself, shouted Yellow Cat. Lets vote to impeach him now, cried Sleepy Cat.  Wait! I am still the PHCIC (Pass Head Cat In Charge), hear him out,  said the old cat.  I say lets wait to hear Tom’s plan.

Tom started speaking softly trying to get the attention of all of the Alley Cats. He asked Carolyn to explain the difference between a Pedigree, an Alley Cat and a Show  Cat.  Carolyn said there is not a whole lot of difference between us.  Many scientist believe that ancient wandering Africans Tribes domesticated us. It is their belief that we were first Miacis.   The Egyptians worshiped us as gods. My ancestors kept rats and mice from overrunning the great Egyptian gain storehouses. Phoenician traders carrying Egyptian cats on their ships probably brought the first domesticated cats to Europe  in about 900 B.C.  The crossing of European explorers, colonists, and traders in the  1700’s  brought us to the United States. You see, all life started in Africa.

OK Tom, she has given us some good information about our heritage, but we still didn’t hear anything about your plan, We want to hear how all of us will benefit from this plan. Wait, wait! Let her finish with our heritage first!  Go on Carolyn tell them more. By now, big drops of sweat are falling from Tom.

Oh yes, where was I? Some humans believe black cats are unlucky, but others claim black cats have brought them good fortune. Some common human sayings about cats are:

“Curiosity killed the cat,” Which means a person who is too curious may get into trouble.

“Even a cat may look at a king.” meaning that a person has some rights even among people who have much more money and power than he does.

“When the cat’s away, the mice will play,” which means a person may get into mischief when no one is there to watch

“Honest as a cat when the cream is out of reach”   refers to a person who cannot be trusted.

“Let the cat out of the bag” means to tell a secret.

Be made a cat’s-paw” refers to a person who is made a tool of someone else.

Look Carolyn, all you have told us  are cute sayings.  But tell us about the plan “THE PLAN’. Everything you have told us is good, educational and all,  but we want to know about the plan.

At that time, the maid came for Tom and Carolyn. Humans can’t understand cat talk but cats can understand humans. Tom told his friends: Hide and I’ll share my plans with you tomorrow.

To be continued:

Part 7: The Cat’s Me ow

Oh boy! Things are worst than I thought. I think Tom has been in Carolyn’s House a little too long, the old stray cat blurted out.  Maybe not! exclaimed the yellow stray. Something may have happened to him at the shelter. I  heard you cried like a baby, Tom!

Do not discuss me as though I don’t exist, yelled Tom!  I can hear you too cautioned Carolyn. Well, gasped the yellow stray, looking at Tom: Did anything traumatic happened at the shelter?

If you call almost getting euthanized traumatic. Yes! Something traumatic happened! Before Carolyn and her owner came, an irksome family with a mischievous little boy tried to adopt me. At first, I thought being adopted by that family was better than death.  Later, I changed my mind. After their little boy stuck his tongue out at me and did all sorts of ugly things to me to  my face, I decided death would be better than going with that family.  When the shelter volunteer handed me to the little boy, I tried to scratch his eyes out. His parents felt we were not a good fit for one another. The volunteer put me back in the cage to be euthanized. Man! I was about to be soap, shampoo or horse feed.

I was super glad to see Carolyn and her owner. They saved my life!  Now we understand. You feel obligated to Carolyn. You don’t want to leave her. What are your plans when her owner takes her out to breed with a show cat, or  a cat of the same pedigree? That wont happen argued Carolyn. My owner promised she would have the Vet to artificially insert my womb. Her intentions were to sell the babies anyway after they are weaned. I love Tom, and you guys, my owner, my groomer nor my Vet will ever stop me from loving Tom.


to be continued

Part 6: The Cat’s Me ow

Before they left the shelter, Carolyn’s owner; had the shelter to bathe him,  deflea  him, put  powder on him and purchase a new cat’s cage for him. She brought him home in his cage with Carolyn sitting on the seat next to his cage.

For a couple of days, Tom enjoyed the ladies pampering him and eating food he did not have to catch.  Carolyn was happy as well to have Tom in the house because it was raining.  She knew her owner would not let her go outside. Then, Tom became restless. He wanted Carolyn, but, most of all, he wanted his freedom.

When the rain stopped, the old woman put the cage with Tom still in it outside.   She let Carolyn outside to walk around free as usual. Some of Tom’s old friends came around the alley and saw Tom in the cage. They started pointing and laughing. Tom was humiliated. His friends asked him: Is this the price you pay to get next to that pedigree? Tom hung his head in shame. Carolyn spoke up: He will not be in that cage forever. My owner is just testing him. She is going to artificially inseminate the sperms from a pedigree in me. She wants to make sure she can sell my babies. In the next four months, when the pest control man comes  again, Tom and I are going to elope. The laughing and the pointing grew worst. They asked Tom: Are you going to stay there for four months waiting on Carolyn? Man, what did Carolyn do to you?  Are you a little pussy or are you a real Alley Cat? You had better use one of your nine lives to get out of there in a hurry. It seems like she has already brain washed you.

Artificially inseminate her my foot, I bet her owner and that Vet have already picked out a healthy male Siamese Cat for her, voiced another of Tom’s alley friends.

My situation is a little complicated, replied  Tom. I’ve been watching our owner. Her behavior is a little problematic. I’ve got to wait until I have the right timing for both of us to escape .

To be continued

Part 5: The Cat’s Me ow

When the ladies finished their poker game, they all called for their cats.  No one made it in but Carolyn. The ladies called and called but no cat came.  Finally,  Lori ‘s owner received a call from the Humane Society. They were calling her because she put a chip in Lori and  ID was available to them.  Amy’s owner wanted to know if they could tell her if they had found Amy.  She described  Amy and told them if they had found another cat with Lori, more than likely it was Amy. She was told they had picked up an usual  number of cats that day and she would have to come down with Lori’s owner.  Unknown to the ladies, the pest control man left all of their gates open. Everybody’s cat was gone. Some could be easily identified by their chips and the others if no one claimed, would either be put up for adoption or  euthanized. She could look at all the cats brought in.  Some very pretty cats have been caught today, she was told.

Carolyn’s owner said Lori’s owner could not go to the Shelter alone, She would have her driver take them there. When all of the ladies got in the car, Carolyn jumped in too. Carolyn wanted to see if she could find Tom.

When they arrived at the Shelter the guard at the Shelter showed them all the cats brought in that day. Many of their neighbors were there also looking for their cats. Some people were there to adopt a cat or a dog.  Any cat or dog not picked up by their owners were either put up for adoption or euthanized to be made into toiletries.

After some of the people found their pet they adopted. Carolyn spotted Tom in a cage. He was singing: Nobody knows the Trouble I’ve Seen.   Carolyn walked up to his cage and said: Don’t worry Tom. My owner will adopt you. I won’t let them turn you into soap. Carolyn’s owner screamed: Get away from that alley cat! I paid too much for you to have you breed with some shelter cat! At that moment, Tom’s new buddy was led out of the room. Carolyn ask: Did someone adopt him? Tom said No! They are taking him away to be euthanized.  Immediately Carolyn began to cry. Her owner walked over to her and said : If you want me to adopt him, I will. But he will have to stay in his own cage. You will not be allowed to have any contact with him.  That was ok with Tom. For now, at least his life was saved.

To be continued

Part 4: The Cat’s Me ow

Do you really mean that? If you do, I will dig a hole under the fence. You may come and go as you please. Everyday your owner let you out to exercise in the back yard and to do your business. Oh, it is not necessary to let me out to do my business. I have a litter box the maid empties every time it is needed. I can go whenever I want to. Her maid keeps the house smelling good. Where do you go? Who me? I go on the streets or in an alley, or in somebody’s yard. I like to go on the grass.  Did you notice that pest control man? You were talking so much I know you didn’t see he did not lock the gate door when he left. You are free!  Come with me!

For a moment Carolyn hesitated. Tom told her not to look back,  just go. She was a free cat!  Sure enough,  Carolyn pushed the gate door and it open. At last she was free to go with Tom. Carolyn told Tom she could not leave without her friend, Amy the Manx.  Amy said let’s wait and see if he leaves my gate open and I’ll call for my friend next door, Lori, the Burmese.  As faith would have it, the pest control man left all of the gates open. Carolyn, Amy and Lori all left home to go with Tom.

Tom strutted down the street with Carolyn, Amy and Lori following. Everybody felt liberated. The sun was shinning bright.  All was right with the world. Then it started to rain. All of the pedigrees began to complain. Where ever shall we go to get out of this rain? Lori the Burmese said: My goodness, my hair is getting wet. Tom said: Forget about it! Here is an over turn trash can. Let’s take shelter in it. All four cats crawled into the trash can and waited for the rain to stop.

When the rain stopped, Tom heard the Animal Control Truck. He told them to wait and let the truck pass. The pedigrees became so frighten, they didn’t listen.  All three pedigrees ran out and the driver saw them. The driver got out of the truck and got his net. Tom stayed put. The driver and his co-worker could not catch the pedigrees so they went back to the garbage  can. Tom was still in there so they took him to the  animal shelter.

Sadly,  Siamese Carolyn and her friends walked home without  Tom to protect them. They passed the yard of the junk yard dog. He started after them but luckily for them his owners had him on a heavy chain. Carolyn and her friends didn’t know that so they ran as fast as their little legs would carry them.

Their minds were on getting away from the junk yard dog and they didn’t see the Humane Truck right behind them.  Somehow,  Carolyn made it home. Nevertheless,  Lori and Amy were caught and sent to the shelter with Tom


To be continued

Part 3: The Cat’s Me ow

Tom said:  you know Miss Siamese Carolyn, all of us are grouped by man in the family of felidae.  From the largest of our group, tigers, to the smallest, all of you- house cats and me. I am Mr. Alley Tom Cat, Mr. Cool Cat, you dig!  I don’t have an owner to go to the store and buy my food. When I’m not raiding garbage  cans, I catch birds, lizards and mice. I’m like a tiger in the wild. Nobody gives me my food. I eat whatever I want whenever I want.

Mr. Tom Cool Cat catechized Miss Carolyn: What happens on the days it rains and garbage is not put out until the trash truck  run? On rainy days lizards and mice stay hid.

Hey!  you are trying to avoid the subject. What about the family next to the short hairs?  I haven’s seen any cats there. Whats up with them? That family had a Siamese Cat like me. She was beautiful. When I first came here, I looked up to here. I was just a baby and she was all grown. Then I grew up and became a threat to her beauty. Even the humans admired my beauty.

We all went to the park.  We played peacefully with the dogs. Some of the owners had dogs and cats. Everybody got alone peacefully.  Siamese Lady became jealous of my beauty.  Siamese Lady stopped playing with us  and tried to play with the dogs. Some of the dogs who had not been trained to play with cats didn’t know what she was trying to do. When she grabbed their ball and started to run away with it, they killed her. The police came and said that cats and dogs could not play on the same day. Her family loved Lady so much,  they could not bring themselves to get another cat.

OK, I see. I don’t mess with dogs period. Dogs can’t be trusted. Trained or not, dogs can’t be trusted. One day a junk yard dog got after me and a buddy. My buddy called  all of his friends that lived in that Alley.  Me, my buddy and all of his friends tore that joker up.  But, all dogs are not like that, protested Miss Siamese Carolyn. One bad dog does not spoil the entire species.

You say you go to the park with the Burmese Cat, the Manx cats, the American Wire hairs and lots of others. Tell me something about them. Do you like them? Oh yes, replied Carolyn, The Burmese Cat is my best friend. My owner says we are related. But she usually has a color of  brilliant, golden-yellow eyes. Like me she has a  dignified, aloof manner. And like me, she makes an affectionate and loyal pet for her owner.

The Manx Cats are the only cats born without tails. Sometimes the kittens of a Manx mother Cat have short tails at birth. But a true pedigree lacks any tail. Manx have short backs and high rumps. Some humans think they are stuck up, but that’s just the nature of the Manx.  All Cats are like that regardless of their breed. I’m like you. I don’t have to have an owner. I have never ingested a mouse, a bird or even a lizard or a mouse. I would like to. Just once, I’d like to go were I want and do whatever I please. You are free! If ever this gate is open, I will follow you to the ends of the earth.


To be continued





Part 2: The Cat’s Me ow

Somewhat agitated by his line of questioning, she replied. I don’t know. My mistress uses her hands to open the gate. Since I’m too short and I don’t have hands, I can’t open the gate. My mistress would be gravely peeved to know I’m communicating with you without knowing your owner.  My owner! he retaliated. I have you to know I’m free!  I don’t have a owner!  I’m a Cool Cat! Delicately she ask: What is your pedigree? What do you mean? What is my pedigree? I don’t have a pedigree, I’m a Cool Cat! I’m free! Nobody owns me. Do all of you living on this street have pedigree owners? Laughingly she replied: we usually say lineage, descent or ancestry when we speak of our  owners. we don’t refer to our owners’  pedigree. We Cats have pedigree. He then licked himself and said: Uh hu, yes ok, yes, I see.

What about your neighbor’s cat across the street? Does he have a pedigree? She purred, oh yes. He has a specialty unique  only to his breed. Tom asked: What breed is that? Siamese Carolyn answered: His is a Russian Blue Cat.  That breed is rare in the United States, but is a popular breed in England.  Then he ask about the two living next door. Siamese Carolyn politely walked away saying I don’t want to talk about them. Tom asked her why. Siamese Carolyn said they are sister and brother. Domestic Shorthairs taken from the shelter. Their Mistress takes them to the same groomer I go to. The girl makes me sick, putting on airs. She knows the first time she had ever been groomed was at the shelter. Animal Control picked them up in some alley. Hey, hey, wait a minute. Don’t forget I’m a alley cat too.

Are you stuck up? It seems you are a little stuck on yourself. No, I’m not stuck up. I overheard some of the ladies who play poker with my Mistress say: those people are the nova rich. When they first came here, they had dogs. Everyone on our street have cats. They got rid of the dogs and the next thing we knew, here come the Short hairs. They were wearing real diamond collars. They are just show offs if you ask me.

to be continued

Part 1: The Cat’s Me ow

There once lived a  Siamese Cat in a rich old woman’s house. It was a large antebellum home on a very rich street.  The Siamese  cat slept on a satin pillow and drank her milk from a real china bowl.  Each day the the old woman took her out in her fenced in backyard to visit the neighbors cats. Each cat walked around their owner’s fenced in yard. Each cat strutted like anyone’s thoroughbred Arabian  horse. Each cat was well pampered. If the cat was a girl, she was taken to the groomer for a well deserved pedicure.  Her nails were shaped, filed and painted. There was a beautiful jewel tiara on her head and the boys were decked out in  expensive waist top Tuxedo and boutonnieres.  All in all, life was good. Or perhaps I should say, better than good.

One day as the Siamese Cat was brushing her hair up against the back fence, she came eye to eye with a Tom Cat. She tried to look away but she couldn’t. She knew the old lady would not approve of her new found friend but he walked up to the fence,  sat on his hind legs and just gawked.  His stare made her feel uncomfortable but she could not help herself.  Her heart skipped a beat but her eyes stayed glued on him.

Never in her life had she met an alley cat. This was a new experience for her. The old woman made sure her play dates were only with the neighbors cats. They were fun. There was always enough yearn for everyone and there were other toys galore. Play time was always interesting and fun. Yet, there was something about this Tom Cat that said “I’d like to get to know you”.

Without saying a word she eased back, then turned around and walked back into the house. She did not want to turn around and look but something made her look anyway and he was still there.

The next day was a play day. The rich old lady had her chauffeur take them to the Park to met the other pedigree cats, therefore she didn’t see  him.  She saw her old friends; Abyssinian Cat, American Short hair,  American wirehair, Bali nees Cat, Bengal Cat, , Biman Cat and Bombay Cat.  After she didn’t see Tom Cat,  she thought     ” Good, he was just passing through and I will never see him again”.  However, the very next day the old rich lady let her go back in her backyard and there he was again gawking.  This time he ask: How do I get in? I’d like a closer look.

to be continued

Carrie’s Hope

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. I am not for nor against anybody nor anything but that that is right. Our government is built on the three branches of government; the legislative, the executive and the  judicial. We are still the United States of America. As of today, we still have checks and balances.

We have some people who believe one part of our government has power over another. Some of our forefathers came to this country for the right to practice their religious beliefs. Others of us were brought here on slave ships. Whether we came, we were brought or we were sent we now all hold these truths to self evident, that all men are created equal.  And that we are endowed by our creator with certain enable rights, among these are; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If this is not your gold, you are in the wrong country. If your intentions are to change our constitution, you are in the wrong country. If the rich is more significant than the poor, you are in the wrong country. Our Democracy came from the Greeks. The Greeks took their ideas from the Hebrews. The Hebrews got their ideas from God. If you have a problem with that, you are definitely in the wrong country.