A story written by Carrie Foxx Ware in 1973

Who sings the song of the dragon? Does anyone know? How the mountain shake and the trees fall,
And down will come the dragon , your King
your country and all

Once upon a time there was a dragon that lived in the kingdom of Great Degrees. He often blew terrible fire from his nostrils. The King and Queen had a little girl. For her pet, she wanted a little baby dragon. The King and Queen could foresee a big problem. The baby dragon would not always be a baby.

For this the King of the kingdom of Great Degrees had the little Dragon put out of the palace. However, the dragon had been a pet of the King’s daughter every since he was a small little dragon and he did not understand why he was put out of the palace. The King’s daughter loved the little dragon very much. The Dragon and the King’s daughter both cried and cried the night the King put the Dragon out. The little Dragon vowed never to leave the little princess no matter what.

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