Part 1: LDDB


It was a quaint, little village called Meadowland where people dressed as they did years ago. In Meadowland the streets are very long, narrow and curved.  The houses are all connected and made from the same brick.  Even the little village commercial district where they house their seat of government is made from the same brick. Some visitors are very confused because the streets are made from the very same brick.  A large crowd gathered at the village seat of government.

The city’s soothsayer, a very old man shouts: Heavens forbid, oh, boy, it has started!!!  A young man, new to the village by the name of  Silor nervously ask: What?  Whaaat? Will somebody please tell me what has started? He said this while standing on his tip toes, looking over the crowd at the soothsayer.

An old village woman wearing a poker dotted, orange and white bonnet and bi-focusses across her nose with  a long orange and yellow dress yells: He is the last of a long line of  soothsayers!!!  He is dying! What are we going to do?  An old man with a white  beard replies:  My father’s father said it would begin at the death of the last Soothsayer!  With more than just a casual degree of complexity Silor utters: I’m new to this village.  My daughter and I would like to know what is going on.  Mary Ann, his daughter,  cries out: Daddy, you promised Mom and me  this would be our last move. We could stay here  forever because this was a safe, happy village. Silor asserts: Hush, Honey! I’m trying to find out what’s going on. The bearded old man stated: My papa’s papa told me as far back as he could remember this villge has always had a soothsayer.  Every soothsayer through the years foretold of a time when the little village of Meadowland will become an utter wasteland and all of it’s people will be at a lost at the death of the last of a long line of soothsayers.  Silor shouts; lost! What do you mean lost?  The bearded man replied; Our citizens will not know what to do.  Without our soothsayer the people will begin to wear torn and tattered clothes. The old woman wearing the orange and white dotted bonnet said: And…..and the bellies of our children will swell and pop from nothing to eat. And….and at the death of our last soothsayer no one will be able to buy, sell or barter. There will be nothing to donate to a neighbor or a friend.  Silor is in shock. He replies I can;t believe this!! Mary Ann cries out:: This is such a nice village. How can anything so horrible happen here? The old woman  with the orange and white poker dotted bonnet replies. Of course, we will have a grace period preceding the inevitatble. Silor ask: a grace period? Yes, said the old woman. Nature will prepare us gradualy to make our years of lack more acceptable.  Meanwhile, the old woman  stands with her hands on her chest. She tells them; Orange Trees will bloom big beautiful apple blossoms. And….and Cherry Trees will bare delicious bananas!!!! Extremely delicious ones I am told!!! Silor and Mary Ann jointly declare: I can not believe that.

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