Part 1: The Cat’s Me ow

There once lived a  Siamese Cat in a rich old woman’s house. It was a large antebellum home on a very rich street.  The Siamese  cat slept on a satin pillow and drank her milk from a real china bowl.  Each day the the old woman took her out in her fenced in backyard to visit the neighbors cats. Each cat walked around their owner’s fenced in yard. Each cat strutted like anyone’s thoroughbred Arabian  horse. Each cat was well pampered. If the cat was a girl, she was taken to the groomer for a well deserved pedicure.  Her nails were shaped, filed and painted. There was a beautiful jewel tiara on her head and the boys were decked out in  expensive waist top Tuxedo and boutonnieres.  All in all, life was good. Or perhaps I should say, better than good.

One day as the Siamese Cat was brushing her hair up against the back fence, she came eye to eye with a Tom Cat. She tried to look away but she couldn’t. She knew the old lady would not approve of her new found friend but he walked up to the fence,  sat on his hind legs and just gawked.  His stare made her feel uncomfortable but she could not help herself.  Her heart skipped a beat but her eyes stayed glued on him.

Never in her life had she met an alley cat. This was a new experience for her. The old woman made sure her play dates were only with the neighbors cats. They were fun. There was always enough yearn for everyone and there were other toys galore. Play time was always interesting and fun. Yet, there was something about this Tom Cat that said “I’d like to get to know you”.

Without saying a word she eased back, then turned around and walked back into the house. She did not want to turn around and look but something made her look anyway and he was still there.

The next day was a play day. The rich old lady had her chauffeur take them to the Park to met the other pedigree cats, therefore she didn’t see  him.  She saw her old friends; Abyssinian Cat, American Short hair,  American wirehair, Bali nees Cat, Bengal Cat, , Biman Cat and Bombay Cat.  After she didn’t see Tom Cat,  she thought     ” Good, he was just passing through and I will never see him again”.  However, the very next day the old rich lady let her go back in her backyard and there he was again gawking.  This time he ask: How do I get in? I’d like a closer look.

to be continued

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