Part 1: The War of the Words

For the eyes of grown ups
It all started several months ago. I did not feel like talking over the telephone or watching television. None of my regular habits appeared interesting to me. The only thing I wanted to do is read and play the piano, something I have not done in relatively a while.
I was reading a book by Ann Bauer author of Forever Marriage. The title of the story was “For Give Ness 4 You” lead me to believe it might be a Christan book with a play on words. Something that might catch your eye. Not only that, it was in the christian section.
However, I would not exactly call the book a christian book. Yet, I could not put the book down. It was about a priest who was very human and had some issues. I found the priest intriguing. He did not molest little boys nor big boys and girls but he found grown women interesting. In his 26 years as a priest, he only asked the Bishop for absolution twice. Each time it was because a woman advanced him. He always felt repentant. In spite of the fact neither of the women were married, he had taken a marriage vow to the church. He was married to the church. The book didn’t say, however the conclusion I came to, he left the church because he could not control his hormones. He was aware of the crimes of his co-workers and ignored their bad behavior.
One thing he said that stood out in my mind was “People often say; regrets- I’ve had a few, but far too few to mention. To him that was a big fat lie. They should say; regrets, I’ve had too many to mention. I did it my way” If they were mentioned no one would want to listen after a while. Maybe they would laugh and talk about you to everyone they knew and say “What a fool” . He/she should have known better. Everyone would say it was all your fault. Are you looking for absolution? Forget about it! As someone in New Jersey would say “keep your regrets to yourself and forget about it”!
1.) I ordered 10,000 people to be killed and I personally killed 25,000 -absolution
2.) I stole 50,000 K -absolution
3.) I made graven imagines -absolution
4.) I took the Lord’s name in vein -absolution
5.) None of the days I kept Holy, especially the Sabbath Day -absolution
6.) I didn’t feel the need to honor my father and my mother- absolution
7.) Oh, what a good time I had committing adultery -absolution

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