Part 12: The Cat’s Me ow

Carolyn told the Alleys she would not come without her best friend, Amy. The Alley’s said o’k, but hurry.

To every ones surprise and delight, the pest control man came and again left all of the gates open. Tom, Carolyn, Amy and Lori left this time with no intentions of ever coming home. Carolyn told the girls, this time, we will listen and obey Tom’s every word. Some of the other girls saw Carolyn, Amy and Lori and decided to follow them.

When the gang reached the Alley’s dwelling,  the boys were bewildered to see so many female cats. Yellow Cat inquired:  Tom, we were only expecting Carolyn and one of her friends,  but we see a full harem. Did you bring them here for us?

The lady who lives in the big house on the hill put out a big spread for us,  said Sleepy Cat. Our (P.H.C.I.C.)  took a couple of cats with him the last time he went and she put out a full bag of cat food.  Girls ! Let’s go!  Afterwards, we can hide out in her basement and she won’t call the Animal Control on us. The food was to everyone’s delight. The cats partied all night long.

Trouble came when it was time for Carolyn to give birth. Her Vet was not there to assist her and Carolyn had a hard time.  After her kittens were born, Carolyn nursed them to good health.  Tom was afraid Carolyn would take the kittens and  go home. She often complained how the kittens were not pampered the way her Owner pampered her.

After the kittens were weaned, Carolyn and Tom led them back to the house Carolyn grew up in. Once the kittens were inside the gate, Carolyn and Tom hid. The kittens stared to Me ow. The maid came to the door and called The Lady of the House. Carolyn’s Owner was thrilled to see the kittens. They all looked just like Carolyn, She called for Carolyn because she thought the sight of the kittens meant  Carolyn had returned.  The Owner stood there and called and call. Tom knew it was a hard choice for Carolyn to make.

As Carolyn walked back to Tom, she loudly proclaimed, it was not a difficult decision for me. My Owner always said she wanted the babies to sell. I was going to loose them anyway.

The End

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