Part 1:They called him Mr. Dynamite

They called him Mr. Dynamite

There once was a lovely family who had a magnificent, friendly dog that the family called Mr. Dynamite. Whenever they were away, Mr. Dynamite was careful to watch the house. The parents didn’t mind letting the children play outside because Mr. Dynamite was always there watching out for the children.
One day a mean stranger fed Mr. Dynamite some angry dog food without the knowledge of the family. From that day on, Mr. Dynamite started acting strange. Mr. Dynamite’s behavior was so foreign to the family, they decided to put Mr. Dynamite down. A wise neighbor said: Don’t do that. Give Mr. Dynamite to me. Let me try and see what I can do for the dog.
The helpful neighbor kept Mr. Dynamite in a cage and only let him out for feeding. Mr. Dynamite had never been caged before and when the good intention neighbor let Mr. Dynamite out, he bit him. Mr. Dynamite’s family told the neighbor, I told you to put the dog down. He is crazy!
A circus man was passing through town and placed an ad on the radio. He wanted a domesticated animal that demonstrated odd behavior. He wanted behavior not unique to that animal.

To be continued

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