Part 2: And the Beat Goes On

King Rudy was confused at the behavior of Old Wise Old. His behavior made no sense. All the other Kings in all the other jungles looked up to King Rudy. Now, King Rudy’s judgement confused them. Did he know something they didn’t know? They had all made a pact to tell each other everything. King Rudy did know something they didn’t know. However, he was under an oath to keep it a secret. Even a secret from Queen Stella. What was Lioness Queen Stella and the Team thinking? Did they think King Rudy would suddenly grow wings and fly away? The wings had to be mighty big and strong to lift King Rudy. Or did they think Old Owl would suddenly grow a mane and be king over them? A mane would be too heavy for Old Owl to stroll around the kingdom.
According to the laws of the jungle there were to be no secrets among Kings. All the kings of the other Jungles gathered and made a new covenant. It was decided to take the leadership away from King Rudy. King Rudy’s reasoning appeared to fluctuate. His decision making put them all in a volatile state. Either kill Old Owl or leave! He was a King in all appearance in a state of erratic confusion. Not knowing what to do, in order to give the appearance of conformity, he gave his team permission to kill Old Owl. That too did not work out well. Old Owl was protected by an unknown source. Anyone trying to make a surprise attack on Old Owl was immediately destroyed. This all happened because of a silly mistake made by a new team member who saw something and arrived at the wrong conclusion. There was a rumba in the jungle.

To be continued:

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