Part 2: Christina, The Little Rabbit

One day for sure, disaster did strike. One little rabbit was not paying attention and stayed in the garden too long.  Short, fat and rosy cheek Mrs. Brown, Farmer Brown’s wife, spotted the little rabbit stealing some carrots. Mrs. Brown screamed for Farmer Brown to come and bring his gun. Farmer Brown did as his wife ask him to do and killed the little rabbit. That night, the Browns had rabbit stew for supper, garnish with the sweet carrots the little rabbit had stolen.

All the animals experienced a sad day. One of their own had been killed and devoured by the Brown family. News of their loss went out . They were told to be extremely careful in Farmer Brown’s garden.  Christina said: I told you so. That is not all that is going to happen.  I am warning you! Stop stealing from Farmer Brown!!  No one listened to Christina.  Everyone said that was just an unlucky rabbit. She stayed a little too long when  and where she shouldn’t have. To them, that was just collateral damage.

Wiping her mouth with a big white linen napkin, Mrs. Brown with her rosy cheeks said to Farmer Brown: That rabbit sure was delicious. Farmer Brown responded by telling Mrs. Brown: If you think that was good, just wait until deer season. We are going to have a feast.  Mrs. Brown replied: Yes dear, I have been watching the deers too.

One day Farmer Brown heard Mrs. Brown screaming.  Farmer Brown looked out of his window.  Farmer Brown saw a big buck and grabbed his bow and arrows.  Farmer Brown was a great shooter with his bow and arrow. From a distance  he pulled back  his bow and killed the  big buck. Farmer Brown mounted the buck’s head on the wall. Mrs. Brown  scurried proudly with the slained buck to the  City  to portion the buck off into deer steaks, ground deer, barbecue deer ribs  and whatever came to her mind.

When Mrs. Brown returned home, she and Farmer Brown and their seven little ones had a feast.  Farmer Brown was so impressed with what he had done, he invited all of his neighbors to rejoice with him. They were all having a great time when the sheriff showed up.  Farmer Brown had done a good thing but not at the right season.  It was not deer hunting season.

The party was over. It was time to call it a day. No more free food for the wild animals.  Everybody suffered.  The sheriff warned Farmer Brown never to kill a deer when it was not deer season. The sheriff taught Farmer Brown how to keep the rabbits and deers out of his garden. Get extra dirt. Fill in the spots where the deer and rabbits were coming in the garden. Use cement if necessary. Find creative ways to block their path.

If only the little rabbits had listen to Christina. Farmer Brown gave them free food after he went to market. It all was a good plan but the older rabbits got greedy. They demanded more and more of any new rabbit that joined their ban. The expectations of the new rabbits grew expeditiously.

The moral of this story is, greed gets you nowhere.

The End

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