Part 2: Come with me to Dreamland

Come with me to Dreamland: part 2 Minerva sings: I am Happy
I’m happy. So happy! I have company! I’m in my home in this Enchanted Forest, where all of my creatures live. I’m happy! So happy! I have someone who understands me. I’m not the only human I see. I truly love the birds and bees, the flowers and the trees and all the animals that live here too. Of all the forest of the world, mine is best! Mine is best. Mine is best!
As Minerva finishes her song, she places the food on the table. She lights a candle on the table. The two women quietly eat crackers and guzzle down soup. They drank berry juice from berries freshly picked from the Enchanted Forest sweeten by honeybees. Every now and then the two women exchange smiles. When Iris finished, she stands up with both hands at the edge of the table and asked; where shall I sleep? Minerva uttered; Oh, I will make a pallet here by the fireplace. But you can’t be ready for sleep so soon. It’s quite early and we have so much to talk about. Iris replied; I know. However, I’m very tired and I will leave early in the morning. I have traveled over hundreds of miles. I must get some sleep. Minerva tried to reason with Iris. You don’t understand. My husband died two years ago in a wild forest fire. We were the only two people that lived in the Enchanted Forest. The plants and animals were our friends but again I repeat we were the only humans that lived here. You can’t imagine how starved I am for the art of conversation. Iris replies; I empathize with your predicament. There are things about my visit you don’t understand presently. I have some extremely rugged traveling ahead and I need a great deal of sleep. So, if you don’t mine. I will rest now and leave before sunrise on the morrow. The old woman curls up on the pallet in front of the fireplace and start snoring.
Minerva’s song: I’m Mad
I’m mad, mad, and mad. So….. mad,…. mad,…. Mad…. I can’t stand it I’m so mad. I’m mad, mad, and mad. I’m mad, mad, and mad. So… mad, mad, and mad. This woman came…… disturbed my life……..I wish she had never come! I’m mad, mad, mad, so… mad, mad; mad……I had visions of a new life…… with someone. I want someone who…… would go out into the forest with me. Someone I could teach…….to talk to the birds and bees…..someone I could teach to speak properly to all the family of this forest!!
Speaking now, clearing the table and mumbling: I’m mad! I’m so mad I wish the old woman had never come. Iris sits up voicing in song. Take back that wish at once!!! Take it back! Take it back! Minerva voiced: What? Why? What? Who are you? Who are you old woman?
Iris continues her song: I am Iris, messenger of Amber, the god, of wishes. He sent me here because he heard your pining and all of your desires. (Now speaking) I was sent to grant you three wishes. Now you have foolishly used up one. Make two more quickly before I leave. I can feel the pull of the first wish upon me for you wished I had never come. (Minerva started falling to her knees.) Please forgive me. I wish—I wish— for a house full of happy laughing children, Ah—ah—I wish for happy, beautiful, talented children. Iris looked a little puzzled. Oh dear, but it is your wish. Ok make another wish very quickly; I can feel the pull of your first wish. Minerva quickly shouts: Why, I wish we all remain in good health! Before Iris can say anything…… Puff she vanish.
Minerva sits at the table and blows out the candle on the table and falls asleep. Suddenly Minerva is startled by the footsteps of Amber. Minerva stands up. She can hear a loud voice saying, Minerva! Minerva! I am Amber, god of wishes. You have disturbed me greatly. Minerva wipes her eyes to see a lavishly dressed man. You have wished away one of my most trusted messengers. For this you must pay a price! You will have your three wishes, the first already granted. The other two will be granted also. But there are stipulations. As an agreement of conditions, you will have seven extremely unique, beautiful, talented children. The seventh child will be talented above and beyond all mortal expectations. However, the seventh child will not always have good health. You too will have good health as long as you keep my visit a secret. The moment you tell anyone of my visit, death will come swift and sure. As a pledge of good faith, take this ring and place it on your finger. When the right time comes you must pass it on to your youngest child. However you will not remember Iris’ visit for you have wished her away. Slowly Minerva takes a seat at the table, looks up at Amber then ask: How will I know when it is time? Amber answers: Don’t worry. At the right time, you will know. Now sleep my child and as you sleep you will forget your visitors tonight. I must go now. Go back to sleep. There is much good I must share. Good night and sweet dreams.
To be continued…….

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