Part 2: How Santa Became A Legend

Daddy: Momma, what does Joesetta love the most?
Mother: Well, I know she loves her doll Delorish.
Daddy: I will have a little talk with Santa about that doll.
Father and Mother in the heart of summer travel to the North Pole to meet Santa.
Santa: What brings you two here to my workshop in the heart of summer?
Daddy: I brought this doll Delorish here for safe keeping. My little girl Joesetta will not eat lunch nor supper because she has to care for this doll you brought her last Christmas.
Santa: Oh, that is bad. However, does she know the true meaning of Christmas? It is not the toys I bring nor the clothes they ware that makes Christmas. Does she know how I became a legend to children around the world?
Today children call me Santa Claus. I am known as the jolly man in red. Not so in the 3rd century.
Long ago, in a far off land known today as Turkey, there was a boy name Nicholas. As a boy Nicholas inherited a great deal of money. He didn’t know what to do with so much. Wanting to help those less fortunate than himself, Nicholas set out to make the wishes of others come true. While Nicholas knew the townspeople need his help, he was also aware that they were very proud people. Nicholas decided to help his friends secretly.
Mother: Oh, that is why you come at night. You want the children to think the gifts and toys happen magically.
Santa: Oh yes, I can’t reach all of the boys and girls. That is why it is important for the TWC Family and other churches to help out. You see, I did not tell you all of the story. Have a seat! I will read the story the story of St. Nicholas to you.

Father and Mother sit down.
Santa reads:
Each night Nicholas would disguise himself and deliver such items as food, clothing and money to the people of his village. Of all the townspeople, Nicholas felt the closest bond with one specific family. There were three daughters. Sadly, the family was poor and the father felt a great deal of pain over the fact he had no diaries for his daughters.
to be continued

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