Part 2: LDDB

art 2: LDDB

Mary Ann muttered to herself this is such a nice little village. How can anything so horrible happen here? The crowd around the old soothsayer grew thicker.  The people of Meadowland began to sob quietly as the old woman spoke up. Young man, where is your wife?  Silor answered frightfully; she is in the house unpacking. Mary Ann asked her father; should we tell mother we have to move again? Silor answered; no! No! I don’t think think this place is any worse than the other places we have been. The old woman warned Silor to get out of the village while he could. She cautioned everyone there would be exceedingly perplexing times very soon.

A little boy who was with the soothsayer walks over. The old woman took a deep breath and continues to speak. The old woman said;  the time before desolation might sadly occur with an abundance of everything. However, nothing will be as it should. The old man interrupts; oh yea! Papa told me cows will birth litters of piglets. The little boy interject; yea! Yea! Horses will birth puppies. Silor ask with a great furrow in his eye brier. Did your Papa really tell you that? The old man answered; Boy, as sure as I stand here with a long white beard, yes, that is one of the things we were told.

Silor looks directly at the little boy and ask; what was the dying soothsayer saying. He said…… long pause  (The little boy’s mother called him into the house. The little boy told the crowd, I’ll tell you all later what he said. I must go now. My Mother is calling.)

As soothsayers through the ages have foretold, that day finally came. Nearly out of breath, the first farmer runs to the crowd.

My farm animals have all gone bizarre. My goats laid the largest, finest eggs eyes could  ever behold.

The second farmer  burst into the crowd. My mules are giving the creamiest, sweetest milk anyone has ever taste.

The third farmer came running. I went to my orchards this morning and in my pear orchard there was a bountiful orchard of peaches. Even more peculiar, on my pecan trees were cantaloupes growing as large as they do on the vine.

Farmer four appears out of breath. Everything is strange, but we can’t complain.  Everything comes in abundance. The strange thing is nothing is as it should be. All at once, angry village youth shouts in a chorus: You old people just worry too much. Why don’t we all just eat, drink and be merry?  We have plenty of everything.  So what if it comes from the wrong source?

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