Part 2: Lion king Rudy

Partn2: Lion King Rudy

Princess Black Bear was in charge of the Central Jungle’s Day to Day affairs. Princess Bear was ablazed. She lay bent on casting Wise Old Owl out peacefully or casting him out forcefully  forever. To Princess Bear’s  surprise, there were members of the jungle who had learned to love Old Owl. They did not like the treatment Princess Black Bear was giving Old Owl. Wise Old Owl had no idea things had progressed down to almost a non-

reparable state. Many of the inhabitants of the jungle tried to warn Wise Old Owl how treacherous Princess Black Bear was during this administration.

Wise Old Owl kept his eyes open, but he never feared Princess Black Bear. Many of the jungle inhabitants did because Princess Black Bear had the ear of King Rudy and Queen Stella.  She had their permission to keep the jungle in check. Princess Black Bear ruled with an iron thumb.

This is what everyone thought. Without asking anyone, Wise Old Owl discovered  who the real rulers were at Central Jungle.  The real rulers were Sneaky Rattle Snake and the Council. From the corners,  Sneaky Rattle Snake spoke words of advise into Princess Black Bear’s ears that secured Rattle’s place in the rulership  of Central Jungle. If  Lion king Rudy acted as if he was listening to anyone other than Princess Black Bear, Sneaky Snake would put enmity between Rudy and that advisor. If she was unsuccessful at her attempt, often she would make Lioness Stella think King Rudy was trying to betray her in some way.

Since Wise Old Owl was not in the animal kingdom. It was  hard to make sense of anything  Princess Black Bear said. Sneaky Rattle had meet her match. She made a fool out of Princess Black Bear. Sneaky Rattle was not alone. With the aid of Master Black Bear and the aid of the Jungle Council Leadership, a  more secure plan was made to get rid of Old Owl.

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