Part 2: No Boundary

Everyday Farmer Brown came in from his day’s work, sweet-smelling meat was on the table. Mrs. Brown sent her four boys out hunting for fresh wild meat.  It was also profitable for the farmer’s wife. Her smokehouse was filled to capacity. She cut off the path of the wild animals so that they would not pass the other farmer’s farms.  All the meat her family could not eat was sold to the neighboring farmers for a lesser price than they could buy at the market. What they could not afford to buy, she sold on credit.  Not only was Mrs. Brown happy to have good meat, but she was also becoming very rich. She was the goto person.

The girl’s chores were to take the animals from the smokehouse to the slaughterhouse in town and have the butcher portion the meat into different portions for cooking. The butcher enjoyed seeing the girls come because his business had been slow. Whenever the new sheriff came around, he would say business was just so, so.  Mrs. Brown knew she ran a well-organized ship.

That too came to an end. While the new sheriff was slow to make a call,  his mind was not slow. He knew something was going on among  Mrs. Brown, the butcher, and the other farmers, but he just couldn’t put his finger on it. The new sheriff silently kept looking and watching. One day, he discovered the animal’s path had been redirected. He knew what was done,  but he could not prove who did it.  The new sheriff had his suspicions.  It was obvious to the animals and other framers but not to the new sheriff. The new sheriff had to wait and catch the Browns eating their meat out of season. During this time, there were few deep freezers. Each time the new sheriff drop by unexpectedly at dinner time,  he was offered to dine with a substitute in season meat. The sheriff could not spend all of his time on the Browns. There were bank robberies and other crimes still going on. The sheriff had to be smart to catch the Browns. Farmer Jerry was not as devious as Mrs. Brown. One day the new sheriff stopped by Farmer Jerry’s house at dinner time. Farmer Jerry and his family were eating out of season deer meat and offered the sheriff to have dinner with them. The new sheriff said: yummy, yum this is good fresh wild meat!  Did you purchase it at the meat market?

to be continued

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