Part 2: The Beavers

Another Beaver added: if he continue to sit there, he might starve himself to death. Then she will be free. Down the river, around the bend, there is a widow Beaver with nine little Beavers. The entire family witnessed the mother get trapped by a trapper. I’m told he was  horror-stricken. He would be an excellent catch for her. I’ve been told he is one of the greatest carpenters in the world. Other animals depend on him, his colony as well as ours to make habitats for them. With our help, he provides food for his colony as well as other animals.  They all agreed he would be a perfect catch for her. Since we don’t hibernate, we need to provide food for our colony as well as other vegetarian animals when the snow comes.

The nerve of her husband! Just watching us work our flat tails off preparing for winter. He won’t even use his tail like the rest of us as a rudder for swimming. Since he is not doing any work,  he doesn’t need to use it as a prop  to help him stand up. I bet he wish he had used it during the cold winter months as a storehouse of fat when the snow comes.  Poor Betty, look at her and the children work. Look, look at the children slapping their little tails in the water playing while they are working. Someone needs to tell her to stop them. A Beaver slapping its’  tails on the surface of water can also mean there is danger nearby. We would not want to confuse the workers.

Enough is enough shouted one old mother.  I will take it on myself to have a talk with Betty. All of this gossip is getting out of control. Betty, Sweetheart, come here! Is your husband okay? Check on him! Something is wrong.


to be continued…..


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