Part 2: The Cat’s Me ow

Somewhat agitated by his line of questioning, she replied. I don’t know. My mistress uses her hands to open the gate. Since I’m too short and I don’t have hands, I can’t open the gate. My mistress would be gravely peeved to know I’m communicating with you without knowing your owner.  My owner! he retaliated. I have you to know I’m free!  I don’t have a owner!  I’m a Cool Cat! Delicately she ask: What is your pedigree? What do you mean? What is my pedigree? I don’t have a pedigree, I’m a Cool Cat! I’m free! Nobody owns me. Do all of you living on this street have pedigree owners? Laughingly she replied: we usually say lineage, descent or ancestry when we speak of our  owners. we don’t refer to our owners’  pedigree. We Cats have pedigree. He then licked himself and said: Uh hu, yes ok, yes, I see.

What about your neighbor’s cat across the street? Does he have a pedigree? She purred, oh yes. He has a specialty unique  only to his breed. Tom asked: What breed is that? Siamese Carolyn answered: His is a Russian Blue Cat.  That breed is rare in the United States, but is a popular breed in England.  Then he ask about the two living next door. Siamese Carolyn politely walked away saying I don’t want to talk about them. Tom asked her why. Siamese Carolyn said they are sister and brother. Domestic Shorthairs taken from the shelter. Their Mistress takes them to the same groomer I go to. The girl makes me sick, putting on airs. She knows the first time she had ever been groomed was at the shelter. Animal Control picked them up in some alley. Hey, hey, wait a minute. Don’t forget I’m a alley cat too.

Are you stuck up? It seems you are a little stuck on yourself. No, I’m not stuck up. I overheard some of the ladies who play poker with my Mistress say: those people are the nova rich. When they first came here, they had dogs. Everyone on our street have cats. They got rid of the dogs and the next thing we knew, here come the Short hairs. They were wearing real diamond collars. They are just show offs if you ask me.

to be continued

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