Part 2: They called him Mr. Dynamite

They called him Mr. Dynamite

Mr. Dynamite fit the bill. He was a dog that acted like a wild wolf. Mr. Dynamite, unfortunately had turned into a killer. Deep down inside, Mr. Dynamite was still the kind, magnificent, gentle, family dog he had always been. In spite of the fact, the circus man billed him as the wolf dog. He did not understand what was happening to him. His only defense was to bite.
At night when the circus man put all of the animals in their cages, Mr. Dynamite dreamed of the days when he was treated fairly.
Years passed and the angry dog food wore off. However, by this time, the circus man was making so much money off of Mr. Dynamite, he didn't want to let him go. He featured Mr. Dynamite as the wild wolf dog. People from miles and miles around came to see the wild wolf dog. Small children were warned not to get too close to the wild wolf dog. Mr. Dynamite was known to bite.
He became known as the destructive, dangerous wild wolf dog.
One day, a small girl went up to Mr. Dynamite's cage without the knowledge of her family or the circus man. Mr. Dynamite who was now to himself licked her hand. The little girl felt sorry for Mr. Dynamite and open his cage door.
Once the circus man discovered Mr. Dynamite was gone, he put out a missing in action alert. Everyone was told to watch out for a very dangerous animal. He was a biting killer out to destroy anyone who got in his path. Everyone was told to watch out for a biting, wild wolf dog who was raised by wolves.
The little girl stomped her foot and said NO! That is a gentle dog who needs a friendly, gentle family.

To be continued

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