Part 3: And The Beat Goes On

The other Kings decided they would get help before dismissing King Rudy as their leader. The King of the Premier Jungle and the King of Ultimate Jungle called all the Kings from their continent to come and assist them with their grave decision. Everybody loved King Rudy. No one wanted to see King Rudy in such misery. However, his misery caused misery for everyone else. They asked the other Kings, what must we do. The other Kings wanted to know exactly what was going on. They were told first Old Owl caused trouble. Then a young owl moved in his nest and laid eggs. When those eggs hatched there will be more owls to cause more trouble.
The other Kings suggested calling Kings from different continents. In that way no one could say jealousy played a part in their decision making. Kings from the other continents were called. The problems were discussed in great depth. All the kings decided something needed to be done or they would all lose face in their respective jungles. One wise King suggested taking their petition to All Majesty Ale, since it was eventually known All Majesty Ale sent Wise Old Owl there. What a predicament they found themselves in. Not one of the Kings wanted to meet face to face with All Majesty Ale.

To be continued:

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