Part 3: Don’t Rock That Dragon

Part 3: Don’t Rock That Dragon
One by one, the young men tried. One by one each man failed. The young men could not so much as get their horses close enough to climb. One young man decided he would knock the dragon down from around the princess. The dragon lived in the top of a tree by the glassy hill. The suitor began to rock the tree when he heard:

Don’t Rock that Dragon in the tree on the mountain top
When the sound of the tremble–the mountain will shake
When the mountain shakes, the tree will fall
And down will come the dragon, your King
Your country and all.

Another young man started the climb and the dragon woke up, blew fire from his nostril and burned the hair off the horse and knocked the horseman to the ground. All of the suitors were frighten and ran away with the exception of one. One suitor noticed the dragon came out only after a troll that lived at the foot of the glassy hill came out to warn the dragon someone was getting near. This very smart suitor decided to have some of his friends tie the troll up so he could not warn the dragon. In this way, he would at least have a fighting chance to climb the glassy hill. The handsome, young, intelligent suitor did just that.

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