Part 3: How Santa Became A Legend

In a desire to help the family, he left a bag of gold on the doorstep for the wedding of the older girl. When it was time for the next girl he did the same. As the third daughter’s wedding neared, the father decided to stand guard so he could identify the kind person who had created such happiness for his family. On this night, Nicholas tossed the bag of gold through an open window. Upon hearing the coins land on the floor, the father chased Nicholas until he caught up with him. Nicholas was embarrassed and did not want the exposure of his secret. The father promised to keep the secret, but he was so grateful to young Nicholas that he could not keep the secret no matter how he hard he tried. Soon the entire town knew that Nicholas was the responsible person for the wonderful events that occurred in their town.

Every December 24, Nicholas took it upon himself to reward all of the boys and girls who had been good throughout the year by secretly delivering presents to them. All these years later, Nicholas is still remembered for his kindness, generosity and undying love for children. In honor of this man, you see us in malls, on the street corners and in stores.
Santa: (standing up) Now, about Joesetta. I’ve had by eyes on her for a very long time. Leave Delorish with me. Parents, with your cooperation; we can cure Joesetta from leaving Delorish outside. Continue to take her to church so she can learn where Nicholas got his ideas from. Joesetta will learn to love the unlovable, the poor the downtrodden and the like. Our God wants us to love when it seem impossible to love. He was born for us all. Parents, I promise you, Joesetta will come in to lunch and supper and bring in her doll.You do your part and I will do mine.
Autumn followed summer and winter followed Autumn. Finally, it was December 24th.
to be continued

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