Part 3: Lion King Rudy

Part 3: Lion King Rudy


They would place Wise Old Owl in a trap.  It would be an inescapable trap which none could escape. Their plan involves calling a meeting of all the inhabitants of the jungle. If you were a Member of Premier or Ultimate Jungle you were excludead. The agenda was secret and all the détails of the meeting were secret. The followers of Princess Black Bear where given heads up not to attend the meeting. Only followers of wise Old Owl would be there. Once they were all there, doors would be locked and sat fire. They  would tell the King it was an accident. Their Insurance would foot the bill and in this way,  they could continue  business as usual.

Invitations were printed and sent out to all the inhabitants of Central Jungle. Queen Bear’s followers were told not to come.  When all of Owl’s followers obediently gathered, they patiently waited for the King or someone in authority to come. They waited and waited. Just when all started to leave , Wise Old smell smoke. Since Wise Old Owl could fly , he decided to fly around and find the source of the smoke. Wise Old Owl told everyone to get out quickly, the jungle hall was on fire. There was a stampede for the door but they could not get out. The doors were locked. Wise Old Owl flew up and found a small opening in the roof. Swiftly Old Owl flew to the clouds in the sky. Both Clairvoyant Eagle and Wise Old Owl spoke to Head Cloud. Head Cloud told the other Clouds to make it rain. The clouds broke and the thunder crashed all around. The jungle inhabitants were saved when the rains came pouring down and put out the fire.

Wise Old Owl knew how dangerous the Central Jungle had become. Wise Old Owl told All Mighty  Ale of all his experiences  at Central Jungle. All mighty Ale sent in Hurricane Harry to distroy everything at Central Jungle.  Princess Black Bear and Sneaky Rattle Snake would have no jungle to boss.

Lion king Rudy and Lioness Stella were surprised at the devastation. They realized the mistake they had made  putting everything in the hands of  Princess Bear.  Princess Bear realized how she had depended too much on the advice  of Sneaky Rattle Snake.  Sneaky Rattle depended on the advice she had gotten for years from the council. The Circle of Council’s only mistake, the world changed and the Council had not.

What Sneaky Rattle did not realize, she was hindering herself.  She imagined Old Owl wanted powers he already had. The moral  of the story is; do not try to harm anyone, the only person you may harm is yourself.



The End

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