Part 3: No Boundary

Jerry’s little four years old daughter told the sheriff: No! Daddy got it from Mrs. Brown. The sheriff continued to eat and said: Yummy Yum, this meat sure is good! After he left  Farmer Jerry’s house, he said to himself: Now I have a complete puzzle.  There are many things I will do. First, I must let Mrs. Brown, Farmer Brown’s wife, know I am on to her. Second. If she doesn’t want to go to jail, allow all of the animals to roam free. It is not fair to the other farmers that the only path of the animals run around Farmer Brown’s farm. Third, make sure they only hunt during the correct season. Three simple rules I’m sure can be followed.


Mrs. Brown was still fat. However, she was not so jolly and rosey cheek after the new sheriff visited her farmhouse. Mrs. Brown habitually did whatever she please without being told she couldn’t or shouldn’t. When Farmer Brown and the boys came home after working the fields all day, they expected to find the house filled with the sweet aroma of fresh wild meat. Mrs. Brown was on strike. The sheriff had upset her.  She was not accustomed to anyone telling her she had done wrong.  The entire family suffered because short, fat Mrs. Brown did not like the message the new sheriff had given her. Luckily, the boys had asked their dad for time off from the field so they could go fishing.  Farmer Brown quickly fried the fish and baked a white potato(s) for each child and he and Mrs. Brown. They ate raw beets and carrots from the garden. The girls made fresh slaw from cabbage brought in from the field. Thanks to the children, the Brown ate a satisfying dinner that night.

Mrs. Brown told Farmer Brown all that the new sheriff had said.  Nothing Farmer Brown said pacified Mrs. Brown. She insisted that all the Farmers should vote to run the new sheriff out of town.  According to Mrs. Brown, he was meddling where he did not have the right to as a sheriff. His only duties were to catch bank robbers and other bad guys. He should leave the farming up to the farmers.  We were doing just fine before the new sheriff came and we can get alone without him now. The only thing wrong with her theory, only a few Farmers agreed with it.  In the old days, the pesky wild rabbits ate some of their vegetables, but they always had enough to carry to market. Redirecting the traffic of the wild animals did not serve the other farmers well. If they could not pay the price Mrs. Brown sat, and if they did not want to buy on credit, the families of the other Farmers went meatless. Their only recourse was to kill off their farm animals. Some Farmers were afraid if they got rid of their chickens and ducks, they would have no eggs. If they killed off their cows and goats, the would have no milk and cheese. They would also lack the other by-products produced by those animals. Their  pigs and domesticated animals were at risk as well.

With one simple act of control, all were at risk. Christina was a bold little rabbit. She was neither rude nor impudent, but she would speak up when she saw something going too far wrong.  Her intentions were not to hurt Farmer Brown or his family nor none of her fellow animals.

to be continued

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