Part 3: One Night in the Lives of Slaves

Part 3: One Night in the Lives of Slaves

Little Ethel: (Lucy’s baby sister) Yea! Least wise Masa Sullivan just put you down in the cellar with a chain around your leg. There is a little light down there. What kind of a wise woman is you anyways?

Auntie Jean: Hold it a minute chillum… Mary Jay stop a-scrubbing on deem clothes fir a minute….look under my cot (bed) and git the bible. When you git it read 11 Timothy 4:7-9 (while Mary Jay is getting the bible and finding the scriptures) Did you guzs know Mary jay could read? The good mistress personally taught her to read. I thought that was mighty fine of her.

Betty Joe: (snapped) Yes’m, it wuz mighty fine of her to teach May Jay to read, mighty fine indeed. None-the-less, how come she aren’t never taught none of us to read?

Mary Jay: I will speak to her about teaching all of you to read.

Auntie Jean: You know you will have to meet in my hut. Mrs. Sullivan will pretend she is bringing something for me to fix. She is kind but she has to be careful too. (Auntie Jean nods at Mary Jay to read Second Timothy 4:7-9)

Mary Jay: I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.

Auntie Jean: You see chillum…These words were spoken by St. Paul at his departure from life. The crown of life don’t always go to the swiftest or the strongest, but to him that endureth to the end. Masa Sullivan is gonna answer to the way he spent his life and praise God I will answer to the way I’ve spent mine.

Mary Lee: Well glory hal-le-lu-jah, I’m glad of that. I wish I could be the judge on judgement day. I’d turn Masa Sullivan into a juicy green frog.
And I would be a long green and black snake.

Auntie Jean: Now whose child is you talking so sassy?

To be continued

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