Part 3: The Beavers

Using her tail to navigate, Betty made it over to Bill. Betty ask: Honey, is anything wrong?  Bill answered sadly: I didn’t want the other Beavers to think I was a wimp.  I have been stuck in this thicket patch since morning.  I thought at first I could get out of this situation by myself. Everyone else was so busy no one noticed me immediately. The kids kept coming over to pile more and more brush and sticks on my tail. I couldn’t get lose. I tried biting myself out. That didn’t work. My head was too far away from the briar thicket.

I’ve been here before you saw me early this morning. In fact, I was the first Beaver to start work on the dam. I was too embarrassed to ask for help. Betty said: oh honey, you should have ask for help. The other Beavers wouldn’t have mind.  All the girls thought you were a lazy Beaver. I’ll go get you help.

While Betty was gone for help Bill thought “sure they did. I knew Betty would eventually come over. I was hoping the two of us could get me out without the knowledge of anyone else”.

However, to Bill’s discomfort, all the Beavers came over to help. One old Beaver noticed Bill was not in a briar patch. He was caught in some bob wire thrown in the water by a careless boater.  A human, being carelessly and wastefully had thrown wire in the water. That is why we need laws to protect us. Soon all of the other Beavers helped free him. We need a Beaver like “Yogi Bear” on our side. Bill had help from even the little Beavers.

Betty said: Ladies, you were wrong about my man! He is a smart, cleaver Beaver! I was always on his side. It is better to be on the right side of wrong than to be on the wrong side of right. The children yelled, hip, hip hooray! Hip, hip hooray!



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