Part 3: The Cat’s Me ow

Tom said:  you know Miss Siamese Carolyn, all of us are grouped by man in the family of felidae.  From the largest of our group, tigers, to the smallest, all of you- house cats and me. I am Mr. Alley Tom Cat, Mr. Cool Cat, you dig!  I don’t have an owner to go to the store and buy my food. When I’m not raiding garbage  cans, I catch birds, lizards and mice. I’m like a tiger in the wild. Nobody gives me my food. I eat whatever I want whenever I want.

Mr. Tom Cool Cat catechized Miss Carolyn: What happens on the days it rains and garbage is not put out until the trash truck  run? On rainy days lizards and mice stay hid.

Hey!  you are trying to avoid the subject. What about the family next to the short hairs?  I haven’s seen any cats there. Whats up with them? That family had a Siamese Cat like me. She was beautiful. When I first came here, I looked up to here. I was just a baby and she was all grown. Then I grew up and became a threat to her beauty. Even the humans admired my beauty.

We all went to the park.  We played peacefully with the dogs. Some of the owners had dogs and cats. Everybody got alone peacefully.  Siamese Lady became jealous of my beauty.  Siamese Lady stopped playing with us  and tried to play with the dogs. Some of the dogs who had not been trained to play with cats didn’t know what she was trying to do. When she grabbed their ball and started to run away with it, they killed her. The police came and said that cats and dogs could not play on the same day. Her family loved Lady so much,  they could not bring themselves to get another cat.

OK, I see. I don’t mess with dogs period. Dogs can’t be trusted. Trained or not, dogs can’t be trusted. One day a junk yard dog got after me and a buddy. My buddy called  all of his friends that lived in that Alley.  Me, my buddy and all of his friends tore that joker up.  But, all dogs are not like that, protested Miss Siamese Carolyn. One bad dog does not spoil the entire species.

You say you go to the park with the Burmese Cat, the Manx cats, the American Wire hairs and lots of others. Tell me something about them. Do you like them? Oh yes, replied Carolyn, The Burmese Cat is my best friend. My owner says we are related. But she usually has a color of  brilliant, golden-yellow eyes. Like me she has a  dignified, aloof manner. And like me, she makes an affectionate and loyal pet for her owner.

The Manx Cats are the only cats born without tails. Sometimes the kittens of a Manx mother Cat have short tails at birth. But a true pedigree lacks any tail. Manx have short backs and high rumps. Some humans think they are stuck up, but that’s just the nature of the Manx.  All Cats are like that regardless of their breed. I’m like you. I don’t have to have an owner. I have never ingested a mouse, a bird or even a lizard or a mouse. I would like to. Just once, I’d like to go were I want and do whatever I please. You are free! If ever this gate is open, I will follow you to the ends of the earth.


To be continued





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