Part 3. The Yeast and the Dough

Thelma May and Frances talked and talked. Meanwhile, the dough kept rising. When the bread maker’s wife got off of the telephone, the dough had doubled its usual size.  Instead of making the usual bunch of cookies, she made twice the number of cookies  she usually made.

Frances meant to put the cookies In the oven right away, but a bunch of wood cutters came in and distracted her. Meanwhile, the Cookies rose some more.  There were so many  woodcutters until Frances was needed up front to take orders. The bread maker and his wife provided such good service until the woodcutters stayed until closing time. The cookie dough rose some more.

Frances fell so guilty about making so many cookies without her husband’s knowledge, she told him to go home. She would clean up the shop alone. After cooking all of her cookies, Frances had a Little left, she decided to makes samples.

The next day the Mayor’s wife, came for her cookies. The bread maker’s wife told her They were not ready yet. She would bring them to her when They were ready.

To be continued


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