Part 3: They called him Mr. Dynamite

authoritiesPart 3: They called him Mr. Dynamite

No! No! No! Mr. Dynamite is a gentle family dog who needs a gentle family who loves him. She asked her family if they would help her find him before the circus man and the other authorities found him. The little girl’s family helped her find Mr. Dynamite.
The little girl’s family adopted Mr. Dynamite for her. When the circus man discovered the little girl’s family had successfully adopted Mr. Dynamite, he showed himself to be furious. His anger was futile. What was done was done.
Mr. Dynamite’s old family saw him and wanted him back, but the little girl said No! He is mine!
Mr. Dynamite was happy to have a real home. He had been miserable locked in the cage doing whatever the circus man wanted him to do for a little crumb of food. Now he is free to roam the little girl’s backyard. To Mr. Dynamite his freedom meant everything. He still cared for his old family but the little girl showed how much she cared for him.


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