Part 4: And The Beat Goes On

One Old King announced he would go talk with All Majesty Ale. He was an old emeritus King and no longer afraid of All Majesty Ale. Not only that, he and All Majesty Ale had developed a good friendly relationship.
All Majesty Ale came and straightened out things for King Rudy and Old Owl. Their relationship posed no threat to anyone. Not to the Queen or anyone on King Rudy’s Team. It was one that could not be made clear to the inhabitants of the jungle at that moment. All Majesty Ale knew it would be a hard task to convince the other Kings to just trust King Rudy. However, that was the best he could do for King Rudy and all the other kings. He could not share how blessed they would all become if they just followed King Rudy’s lead.
Now the Old King announced it was time to vote. Would King Rudy keep his leadership position? Queen Stella stood by his side and assured him whatever the outcome, she was with him.
The Kings voted. With a thundering roar, the Old Wise Emeritus King emerged to announce, not only was King Rudy still king of his jungle but he was now king of kings. All the Kings gave praise to King Rudy. This time there was a rumba in the jungle but it was a happy rumble in the jungle.

The End

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