Part 4: Don’t Rock That Dragron

Part 4: Don’t Rock That Dragon
The Little Troll who would inform the Dragon usually slept peacefully all night. That night, the Troll was anxious about the next days’ competition. That night he didn’t sleep well. The handsome, young, intelligent Suitor and his friends came early the next morning while the Troll was still fast asleep and tied him up. The trick worked. The handsome, young, intelligent Suitor tried and tried to get his horse up the Glassy Hill, but he couldn’t.
The handsome, young, intelligent Suitor didn’t have to worry about the Troll’s little song;

My name is Pea Eatoe The Troll
If anybody wants to know where I live
Tell them I live down yonder
beneath the glassy hill

In spite of the fact the Young prince had conquered one of his feats, the handsome, young, intelligent Suitor couldn’t think of anything else to do. He decided to try rocking the tree on the mountain where the dragon lived when he heard;

Don’t shake that dragon in the tree top
The sound of the tremble makes the mountain rock
When the mountain rock, the trees will fall
Down will come the dragon, your King
Your country and all.

The song amazed the brilliant, young, handsome Suitor. However, his motto was “Never give up”. The young, intelligent suitor sat down and thought and thought.
While he sat there pinning away for the hand of the lovely, beautiful, young princess, he felt a gentle nudge at his shoulder. It was the Dragon. Startled he turned around to see what the Dragon wanted. The Dragon lowered his head and the Suitor got on the dragon’s neck. The Dragon lifted him up to the top of the glass hill. The handsome, young, intelligent Suitor walked into the house where the beautiful princess was kept by her father.

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