Part 4: Hot Rod Carrie

The next morning the boys were sitting in the car waiting for me. Dad made the lunches the night before. They sat there banging on the lunch boxes yelling “Hot Rod Carrie! Hot Rod Carrie! Hurry. we don’t want to be late! I’m not sure why they couldn’t be late’ There was no specific time they had to be there. I eyeballed them and told them not only was it not time to go, you have to come back and eat your breakfast. The boys said: All shucks! they took their time with breakfast and I was almost late again. Again, I put my foot to the petal and the petal to the medal and made it to the babysitter and work on time. Again the boys cheered.
Even after I told them, what happens in the mornings is our little secret, that night at supper they told their father what happen. Dad said: So the boys had fun this morning? You put the boys in danger after we agreed how dangerous that was. I said: uh hum. If that is too upsetting for you, you can take the boys to the babysitter. Their Dad said: That is not what is needed. The boys need a Mom who will not put their lives in danger.
It rained all night.The night before we were to go to the babysitter and work the next day. Therefore, out of necessity for security, I had to drive slow. Yet, they yelled: Hot Rod Carrie! Hot Rod Carrie! Go faster!The phrase resounded in my ears all the way to Mrs. Carter’s house. I walked the boys to the door. To myself I said: This is a fine time for me to catch up on lost time. However, as I closed the door, another thought came to mind. I am God’s child and he does not want me to harm myself. I decided I would not try to make up lost time. I would not put my foot to the petal and the petal to the medal. With God’s protection, I drove slow to work.
Everyone that day was given a reprieve for being late. Due to the heavy downpour, trees had fallen and in some places water was up too high for passive.
That night the boys were quiet and ready for bath and bed. I put my foot down. I told Richard I would continue to be Hot Rod Carrie if I couldn’t get some help. We would start taking turns taking the boys to the babysitter.

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