Part 4: No Boundary

Without the cooperation of all the farmers, Mrs. Brown was at a lost as to how to handle the difficult situation she was in.  She was relentless in her fury to have her way. Farmer Brown wanted to keep his agreement with the older rabbits but he feared being uncooperative with his family. Everyone wished things would go back as they were but no one seem sure how. If Farmer Brown tore down Mrs. Brown’s fence, all the wild animals would pour in and destroy his garden. If he left the fence up, the new sheriff would seize Mrs. Brown by the authority of the law. How were they going to work out this problem?

The animals had a problem as well. One buffalo said:  We have co-existed here peacefully for decades where the deer and the antelope play without so much as a discouraging word. Another animal said: I heard one of  Farmer Brown’s boys cleaning his gun. It sound pretty discouraging to me. We  need the help of Father Time and Mother Nature. An old rabbit ask: Who will go and ask for help? An Old Snail sitting in the conner said : I’ll go.  All the animals jumped for joy. The New Sheriff and now Mother Nature and Father Time would be with them.  All they had to do was just sit back and wait. They waited and waited until the animals were getting tired of waiting. Mr. Buffalo ask one of the young rabbits to go check and see what was taking Snail so long. The young rabbit ran out the door and saw Mr. Snail on the bottom stoop. The young rabbit said: Oh, thank God, you’re back. What took you so long? Mr. Snail looked up at the young jack rabbit and said: Stop messing with me or I wont go!

It was Mrs. Brown’s first time to  sincerely get on her knees and pray. Oh yes, Mrs, Brown’s family had  seen her on her knees before, but this time was different. She was truly sincere. Because of her sincerity, her prayer was answered.

Perhaps not as she expected, but the cavalry did come and never again did the Farmers and the animals have a disagreement again as how to share the land.

Farmer Brown and the other farmers were happy, the animals  were happy and the New Sheriff was happy. Never again did the farmers try to preserve it all for themselves. We live on this planet together.

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