Part 4: One Night in the Lives of Slaves

One Night in the Lives of Slaves

Auntie Jean: Now who’s child is you talking so sassy?

Mary Lee: I’m Mary Lee. I’m Thelma’s baby girl. My nick name is Sparkles. They call me Sparkles cause everybody says I’ve got a temper as hot as fire.

Auntie Jean: Well honey child, if you wants eternal life, you had better get rid of some of that temper and evil thoughts. May Jay, read Matthews 7:12

Mary Jay: Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you. do also to them.

Auntie Jean: The same good we wish for ourselves chillum, we should wish for all men. If we destroy the good and peace of others, we have no right to expect God to protect and bless us. For Jesus said that what so ever a man soweth that shall he also reap.

Big Pearl: Auntie Jean, how is it that you sit so calm and peaceful with nothing but loving thoughts for everybody? You can’t even read!

Auntie Jean: Big Pearl, I know how to read! Are you Carrie’s baby?

Big Pearl: Yes’m

Auntie Jean: I can read. Masa Sullivan’s mother taught me to read years ago. I asked Mary Jay to read for me because It’s hard for me to see. Listen to me sweet child cause I like what you said about me having loving thoughts. You see thinking means forming or having ideas or mental images. The things we think about affect our feelings and personalities for better or worse. We should only think dat that bless, heal and inspire us and others. Depressing or hateful thoughts create your personality. Therefore, chillum, let us think lovely thoughts and we will develop lovely personalities.

Suzie Ann: Auntie Jean, I am Suzie Ann. I’m Themlma’s fourth child. I’ve been sitting here taking it all in. Do you think we will be better converts if we knew how to read God’s words for ourselves? We need to understand God’s words better.

Auntie Jean: Why certainly child. The very next time May Jay goes to the big house she will tell Little Miss Sullivan to come down here and work with you. May Jay will teach you what she knows and I will help too.

To be continued

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