Part 4: The Cat’s Me ow

Do you really mean that? If you do, I will dig a hole under the fence. You may come and go as you please. Everyday your owner let you out to exercise in the back yard and to do your business. Oh, it is not necessary to let me out to do my business. I have a litter box the maid empties every time it is needed. I can go whenever I want to. Her maid keeps the house smelling good. Where do you go? Who me? I go on the streets or in an alley, or in somebody’s yard. I like to go on the grass.  Did you notice that pest control man? You were talking so much I know you didn’t see he did not lock the gate door when he left. You are free!  Come with me!

For a moment Carolyn hesitated. Tom told her not to look back,  just go. She was a free cat!  Sure enough,  Carolyn pushed the gate door and it open. At last she was free to go with Tom. Carolyn told Tom she could not leave without her friend, Amy the Manx.  Amy said let’s wait and see if he leaves my gate open and I’ll call for my friend next door, Lori, the Burmese.  As faith would have it, the pest control man left all of the gates open. Carolyn, Amy and Lori all left home to go with Tom.

Tom strutted down the street with Carolyn, Amy and Lori following. Everybody felt liberated. The sun was shinning bright.  All was right with the world. Then it started to rain. All of the pedigrees began to complain. Where ever shall we go to get out of this rain? Lori the Burmese said: My goodness, my hair is getting wet. Tom said: Forget about it! Here is an over turn trash can. Let’s take shelter in it. All four cats crawled into the trash can and waited for the rain to stop.

When the rain stopped, Tom heard the Animal Control Truck. He told them to wait and let the truck pass. The pedigrees became so frighten, they didn’t listen.  All three pedigrees ran out and the driver saw them. The driver got out of the truck and got his net. Tom stayed put. The driver and his co-worker could not catch the pedigrees so they went back to the garbage  can. Tom was still in there so they took him to the  animal shelter.

Sadly,  Siamese Carolyn and her friends walked home without  Tom to protect them. They passed the yard of the junk yard dog. He started after them but luckily for them his owners had him on a heavy chain. Carolyn and her friends didn’t know that so they ran as fast as their little legs would carry them.

Their minds were on getting away from the junk yard dog and they didn’t see the Humane Truck right behind them.  Somehow,  Carolyn made it home. Nevertheless,  Lori and Amy were caught and sent to the shelter with Tom


To be continued

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