Part 5: Don’t Rock That Dragon

The princess was frighten by her unannounced guess. Nonetheless, the minute she saw him her heart melted. She could see what a brave, brilliant, young, handsome, intelligent man he was. She made the simple statements: You made it! Now tell me, kind Sir.; how do you intend to get me off of this god forsaken glassy hill?
The handsome young suitor didn’t bother to answer her question. Instead, he got down on one knee and asked her if she would marry him. Slowly she walked around him and answered; Yes, I will. Only if you can get me down off of this dreadful, abandon, glassy hill. He uttered; I will. But, I will not kill the dragon! The princess was very happy but she knew her father’s demands.
Her father said all three feats must be completed. The princess was happy and excited; yet anxious and worried. She disparately wanted to marry the young, intelligent, handsome suitor. However, her father said all three feats had to be accomplished.
The next day the king and his court met again to see who would climb the glassy hill, steal the heart of his daughter and kill the dragon.
Each young suitor attempted the climb, but the little Troll would come out and sing:

My name is Pea Eatoe the Troll
And if you want to know where I live
I live down yonder
At the bottom of the glassy Hill.

Then he would hear:

Don’t shake that tree on the mountain top
When the mountain shake, the tree will fall
Down will come the dragon, your King,
Your country and all.

Last, but not least, the young suitor stepped up for the challenge. He told the king; I will get up the glassy hill, win the heart of your daughter and rid the country of the dragon.

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