Part 5: LDDB

Part 5: LDDB,
Several weeks went by and the downstairs maid went all over the house yelling; My Lady is in labor with the Saving One…the baby is on its way!  Somebody fetch the doctor quick, quick, quick. The jolly, plump Mayor came running and saying; wow! This is the moment we have all waited for. Hallelujah folk! Hal-le-lug-jah!!! Meanwhile, the farmer went into his wife’s room. When he came out he told the folk; my wife is sweating it out right now. Everything looks good! Later, the farmer came out again and spoke to the crowd. It’s only half a day. Sometimes giving birth takes a long, long time. Have patience folk. It will happen. You’ll see. It will happen. The farmer went in and returned again three hours later and told the crowd; she’s still hanging in there. It won’t be long now. We’ll see that little girls’ head yet. By now the farmer is sweating disconcertedly. Someone in the crowd asks quite frankly; was your wife carrying a baby or was she just fat? The farmer boldly retorted; she is having a baby! She is. I promise you she is. The Saving One will be here by morning, I promise! He said this as he continued to declare that she is giving birth. Bewilderedly, the Mayor spoke frankly to the the farmer; Mr. Farmer, these folk are getting angry. I’m trying hard to keep them from tar and feathering you for misleading them. Make sure your wife is having a baby! And for your sake, I hope it is a girl. A constable who could not get there earlier walks up to the farmer. The constable asks the farmer; is the baby here yet?
For the first time, the farmer is speechless. Huge rolls of sweat fell from the farmer’s brow. The farmer pulls himself together and spoke to the people. Look, everything is alright. Sometimes childbirth takes days. You people know that. The crowd began to howl and rave. The crowd was completely out of control. Suddenly the door to the farmer’s house opens. The country doctor stressed fully announced; it’s a girl! The people shouted and shrieked Elladeebea…Elladeebea….Elladeebea! There was dancing in the streets. People were running through the little village of Meadowland crying ELLADEEBEA…ELLADEEBEA…ELLADEEBEA ! Our SAVING One is here! Our Saving one is here!

The Mayor pass out cigars to every man there. Men. Women and children continue to dance and cheer in the crooked little streets shouting ELLADEEBEA…ELLADEEBEA…..ELLADEEBEA. One spokemen for the Constables adressed the Farmer  with a card that read

To The Farmer and his Lovely Wife

This card genuinely comes from our heart

by saying the Mayor and all of us ask for forgiveness.

Please become a member of our little village.

All of the members of our Little Village desire that you do.


Th Mayor & Villagers  of Meadowland

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