Part 5: The Cat’s Me ow

When the ladies finished their poker game, they all called for their cats.  No one made it in but Carolyn. The ladies called and called but no cat came.  Finally,  Lori ‘s owner received a call from the Humane Society. They were calling her because she put a chip in Lori and  ID was available to them.  Amy’s owner wanted to know if they could tell her if they had found Amy.  She described  Amy and told them if they had found another cat with Lori, more than likely it was Amy. She was told they had picked up an usual  number of cats that day and she would have to come down with Lori’s owner.  Unknown to the ladies, the pest control man left all of their gates open. Everybody’s cat was gone. Some could be easily identified by their chips and the others if no one claimed, would either be put up for adoption or  euthanized. She could look at all the cats brought in.  Some very pretty cats have been caught today, she was told.

Carolyn’s owner said Lori’s owner could not go to the Shelter alone, She would have her driver take them there. When all of the ladies got in the car, Carolyn jumped in too. Carolyn wanted to see if she could find Tom.

When they arrived at the Shelter the guard at the Shelter showed them all the cats brought in that day. Many of their neighbors were there also looking for their cats. Some people were there to adopt a cat or a dog.  Any cat or dog not picked up by their owners were either put up for adoption or euthanized to be made into toiletries.

After some of the people found their pet they adopted. Carolyn spotted Tom in a cage. He was singing: Nobody knows the Trouble I’ve Seen.   Carolyn walked up to his cage and said: Don’t worry Tom. My owner will adopt you. I won’t let them turn you into soap. Carolyn’s owner screamed: Get away from that alley cat! I paid too much for you to have you breed with some shelter cat! At that moment, Tom’s new buddy was led out of the room. Carolyn ask: Did someone adopt him? Tom said No! They are taking him away to be euthanized.  Immediately Carolyn began to cry. Her owner walked over to her and said : If you want me to adopt him, I will. But he will have to stay in his own cage. You will not be allowed to have any contact with him.  That was ok with Tom. For now, at least his life was saved.

To be continued

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