Part 8: The Cat’s Me ow


This cat means real business, noted a sleepy eyed friend of Tom.  Leave Tom alone. Cried all of the other of Tom’s friends. The Old Cat said: He has a plan and he is not leaving without  Carolyn.  Thanks, replied Carolyn and Tom.

Be careful Carolyn. When your Vet notice you are in estrus or heat, you may be in trouble.  You may be that way at least five times in one year. Tom, you need to figure out how to get out of that cage now! Especially, if Carolyn’s owner finds her to be profitable. Most female cats stay in heat for about five days.  If Carolyn is not back from that Vet’s Hospital in one day, you can bet your soul that Doctor is NOT artificially inseminating her.

Carolyn, you say you want your freedom like Tom once had. It is not pretty out here. We have to run and hide from the Humane Society Truck, we have to find a place to go when the sun gets too high or it rain, we have to catch our own food or raid a garbage can. Carolyn, you think you can handle all of that?

Hey, you sound like you are trying to discourage her, Tom shouted. Tom, let a little realism sink in, replied the old cat. Let her hear the truth about our real world. Carolyn has a romantic view about our freedom. You may bring her out here and she may end up hating you.  I don’t want to see either one of you in misery. Her world consist of pedigrees and show cats.

Tom asked Carolyn: what’s a show cat? Purring, Carolyn answered questioningly, a show cat? Why, a show cat is just a cat his/her owner put in shows. Once a year, mostly in large cities, owners  sponsor a cat show. There are about 300 or more cat clubs and about 7 national associations in the United States and Canada. Most shows not only allow owners of pedigree breeds but any owner of a strong, healthy cats like Tom can enter. I can? asked Tom. Uh uh, goodbye Tom. I think you are beginning to like Carolyn’s world. Guys, I think it is time for us to find a new leader. Let’s forget about Tom.


to be continued


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