Part 7: Come with me to Dreamland

Part 7: Come with me to Dreamland
Juno’s song
Mr. Wasp, why have I no talent?
Why must I live this vile life?
Tell me the truth, why must I live this horrible existence?
All alone, I exist in Dreamland.
Mr. Wasp, Tell me fast
Mr. Wasp, tell me quick!!
Why I must exist in this vile, horrible land alone?
Several Wasp begin to sting Juno at once. In one accord they repeat: Juno! Juno! Its time you discover your talent. Juno began to fight the Wasp but They continue shouting: Juno! Juno! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get up and discover your talent!
Prince Ryan and Princess Minerva watch from a distance. The Wasp continues to sting Juno so badly until she get up to get away. As they continue to sting her she runs away. It appears to Prince Ryan that she is dancing. Prince Ryan says: I know what our little girl’s talent is. She’s a dancer!
Minerva quivers: Oh that is impossible! Amber the god of wishes said that each of our children would have a talent unique to him/herself alone. We already have a dancer, Dianna. Dancing can’t be her talent! Minerva becomes violently ill. She has told Amber’s secret. Prince Ryan shouts: Get the Royal Physician quickly. My beloved Princess is dying. Minerva calls for Juno. She places the ring Amber gave her on Juno’s finger. Juno is awed by the ring. She says: Oh Mother, This is such a beautiful ring for one so undeserving. Such a wonderful gift indeed, but, I do wish you were not dying. All at once Minerva sits up. Minerva begins to get well. She says: My child, I feel much better. I don’t feel like I am dying after all. Juno screams: Mother! I have discovered my talent! Minerva wants to know what it is. Minerva asks: What is it? What is it, Juno? Juno simply replied: I can make wishes come true!
Minerva agreed she was gifted far and above all mortal expectations. Juno’s brothers and sisters each took a turn asking for selfish wishes.
Once again loud drums play then a loud crash of cymbals —Amber enters

Amber states: you have waited and suffered long enough. You will be greatly rewarded for your compassion and endurance. All during your time of suffering, you remained kind. The gift that was promised at your birth was in you all the time. No one can take it from you. It is inside of you. But you don’t have that gift for selfish purposes. Your gift is to assist all of humanity. If you use it wisely, it will remain in you. If it is used unwisely, all of humanity will loss. Use your gift wisely.
All the inhabitants of Dreamland sing:
We are here in Dreamland
Moon beans led the way
We’ve let our cares and troubles
Vanish with the day
The clouds we used for pillows
The stars our guiding light
Sweet dreams until we meet you
in that magical land of night.
Sweet dreams until we meet you
In that magical land of night.

The End

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