Part 6: Don’t Rock That Dragon

Part 6: Don’t Rock That Dragon

The Prince told the King “I will get up that glassy hill, win the heart of your daughter and rid the country of that troublesome dragon”.
The King told the Young Suitor to get to it my son. The King didn’t realize that the Suitor would soon be his son. The Young Suitor whistled and his men as before grabbed the Troll and tied him up. The Young Prince whistled again, and his friends brought the dragon to him. To the King’s enormous surprise, the dragon lowered his head and the Prince got on his neck. The court gasped as the young suitor brought the Princess down to the King. The Princess told her father she would marry the Suitor. At that point, the most agonizing question of all was asked of the Prince. The King reminded the Prince. The prince promised to rid the country of the dragon. The King wanted to know how he planed to accomplish that great feat. The Suitor quickly retorted: I will take the dragon to my land. Everyone was reminded how the dragon had protected the Princess since they were both little.
Everyone knew the dragon was a gentle protector of the princess. The fire that came from the dragon’s nostril was not intended for harm, it was just something dragons do.
The Suitor told the King; I have a surprise for you. I too am a King and I will never–

Shake that dragon in the tree tops
I know the sound of mountains trebling
makes the trees fall
Then down comes the dragon
The King, the country and all

I have just one question. Who was it telling me not to rock those trees? The Princess briskly snapped; I was the one who told you not to shake that tree. The suitor wanted to know why. The suitor asserted; He seemed to be such a gentle dragon. The Princess told her future husband, not only did the dragon protect her and her father’s Kingdom, if put in a good place, he would could protect all good kingdoms.The Future King said: He shall have his place. The suitor took his bride and her dragon and rode off into the sunset.
There they lived happily every after.

The End

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