Part 6: One Night in the Lives of Slaves

One Night in the Lives of Slaves

Ethel: Now you listen to me old woman, if you wants to wrap yourself up in the word, that’s your business. But me, I’m for real and I just know I would rather have my body wrapped in some of dat chantilly lace the Old Misses brought back from France.

All the girls chime in: Ethel, shut up!

Mary Jay: Oh, Ethel, dats no way to talk to Auntie Jean. She has helped us a lot. She is showly one of God’s chillum and from now on I am going to try to put all hatred and malice aside.

Helen: Me too.

Barbara Ann: Me too.

All: Me too.

Auntie Jean: May Jay, I see a lantern on in Ms. Sullivan’s room in the Big House. See if you can git Ms. Sullivan’s attention. If you can git it, ask her to come down to my hut. [Mary Jay leaves, While she is gone the girls continue to talk to Auntie Jean.]

Betty Mae: I feels better already. auntie Jean , can you give us a scripture dat can explain how I feel right now? I feel like I can move a mountain, Dare is nobody I hate or fear, not even Masa Sullivan. I feels like I’m one of God’s chillum. I’m just like you is, Auntie Jean.

To be continued

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