Part 6: The Cat’s Me ow

Before they left the shelter, Carolyn’s owner; had the shelter to bathe him,  deflea  him, put  powder on him and purchase a new cat’s cage for him. She brought him home in his cage with Carolyn sitting on the seat next to his cage.

For a couple of days, Tom enjoyed the ladies pampering him and eating food he did not have to catch.  Carolyn was happy as well to have Tom in the house because it was raining.  She knew her owner would not let her go outside. Then, Tom became restless. He wanted Carolyn, but, most of all, he wanted his freedom.

When the rain stopped, the old woman put the cage with Tom still in it outside.   She let Carolyn outside to walk around free as usual. Some of Tom’s old friends came around the alley and saw Tom in the cage. They started pointing and laughing. Tom was humiliated. His friends asked him: Is this the price you pay to get next to that pedigree? Tom hung his head in shame. Carolyn spoke up: He will not be in that cage forever. My owner is just testing him. She is going to artificially inseminate the sperms from a pedigree in me. She wants to make sure she can sell my babies. In the next four months, when the pest control man comes  again, Tom and I are going to elope. The laughing and the pointing grew worst. They asked Tom: Are you going to stay there for four months waiting on Carolyn? Man, what did Carolyn do to you?  Are you a little pussy or are you a real Alley Cat? You had better use one of your nine lives to get out of there in a hurry. It seems like she has already brain washed you.

Artificially inseminate her my foot, I bet her owner and that Vet have already picked out a healthy male Siamese Cat for her, voiced another of Tom’s alley friends.

My situation is a little complicated, replied  Tom. I’ve been watching our owner. Her behavior is a little problematic. I’ve got to wait until I have the right timing for both of us to escape .

To be continued

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