Part 9: The Cat’s Me ow

Wait, wait cried Tom!  Give me time to work things out. Maybe entering that show can serve a good purpose for all of us. What do you have in mind Tom? The old Cat asked, intimately. He was not so sure that Tom could come up with a good plan. I think Tom has had enough time to prove himself, shouted Yellow Cat. Lets vote to impeach him now, cried Sleepy Cat.  Wait! I am still the PHCIC (Pass Head Cat In Charge), hear him out,  said the old cat.  I say lets wait to hear Tom’s plan.

Tom started speaking softly trying to get the attention of all of the Alley Cats. He asked Carolyn to explain the difference between a Pedigree, an Alley Cat and a Show  Cat.  Carolyn said there is not a whole lot of difference between us.  Many scientist believe that ancient wandering Africans Tribes domesticated us. It is their belief that we were first Miacis.   The Egyptians worshiped us as gods. My ancestors kept rats and mice from overrunning the great Egyptian gain storehouses. Phoenician traders carrying Egyptian cats on their ships probably brought the first domesticated cats to Europe  in about 900 B.C.  The crossing of European explorers, colonists, and traders in the  1700’s  brought us to the United States. You see, all life started in Africa.

OK Tom, she has given us some good information about our heritage, but we still didn’t hear anything about your plan, We want to hear how all of us will benefit from this plan. Wait, wait! Let her finish with our heritage first!  Go on Carolyn tell them more. By now, big drops of sweat are falling from Tom.

Oh yes, where was I? Some humans believe black cats are unlucky, but others claim black cats have brought them good fortune. Some common human sayings about cats are:

“Curiosity killed the cat,” Which means a person who is too curious may get into trouble.

“Even a cat may look at a king.” meaning that a person has some rights even among people who have much more money and power than he does.

“When the cat’s away, the mice will play,” which means a person may get into mischief when no one is there to watch

“Honest as a cat when the cream is out of reach”   refers to a person who cannot be trusted.

“Let the cat out of the bag” means to tell a secret.

Be made a cat’s-paw” refers to a person who is made a tool of someone else.

Look Carolyn, all you have told us  are cute sayings.  But tell us about the plan “THE PLAN’. Everything you have told us is good, educational and all,  but we want to know about the plan.

At that time, the maid came for Tom and Carolyn. Humans can’t understand cat talk but cats can understand humans. Tom told his friends: Hide and I’ll share my plans with you tomorrow.

To be continued:

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