Rain, Rain, Go Away

When I was a little girl, children would say “Rain, rain go away. Little children want to play”. Today, November 13, 2018, it is raining in Birmingham, Alabama. I thought about that rhyme we would say: “Rain, rain, go away. Little children want to play. Come again another day”. Then, I remembered for a couple of days how the fires in California were burning forest, wildlife, houses, humans and their pets. How selfish could I be? ?Yes, it is raining in Birmingham. Yet, it is not raining all over the world. When I was in high school and college Ray Charles sang “It’s a Rainy Night in Georgia. It seems like it’s raining all over the world.
There are many places that need rain. If they have not had rain in a long time in California, their vegetation is dry. Trees, houses, wildlife and even humans in the fire’s path are destroyed. Just this morning, I saw on TV official still begging people to leave their belongings behind and go someplace safe. We can get new everything but new lives.
The men and women from other states who have gone from their safe homes to help the firemen and first responders in California are to be congratulated. Just as the firemen and first responders at 9/11 put their lives in danger for others Firemen and First Responders in this situation are to be held dear in our hearts as heroes and sheroes.
Yesterday morning, November 15, 2018, the telephone rang. It was a voice telling me our job at the Jimmy Hale Mission ( a place for the homeless ) in Birmingham was called off because of the light snow here. Our plans were to feed the homeless lunch. My thoughts were: Aren’t the homeless just as hungry on snowy days as they are on sun-shiny days? Then I thought my group is over 50. Many of us are way over 50. It was dangerous for some to drive in snowy weather. People in Alabama are not accustomed to snow, therefore it is dangerous for most of us to drive. I went on down to my other place where I volunteer on Thursday. A group of young people was there partying like it was 1999. A little flurry of snow didn’t even cross their mind. All in all, it turns out to be a very good day.
Whether it is rains, snow or fire, God has a purpose for all. At the time we may not like the plan. However, it is His plan. When the storms of life are raging, stand.

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