Scammers, Please Take a Vacation!

I received an email I didn’t even take the time to open.  They did not know what they were implying when they said “we have a job for a lazy person”. The sender implied the receiver was LAZY. As I told you before, I did not open the email.  Perhaps that was not the message intended. It seemed the sender had chosen people to email this message to who were lazy. All the individual  had to do was lay on the couch and the money would roll in. Everybody who believes that stand up on your left ear.

Before I finished reading that, the telephone rang. Someone claiming to be from the government said some one was using my social security in the state of Texas for illegal purposes. She wanted to know if I knew anything about it.  Of course, I did not. At that point, she commenced to ask several questions. At first, I answered some of her questions. Before I allowed her to continue asking me questions I ask her a few questions. She hung up.

I suppose since the pandemic, money is scarce. People are losing their way of life.  People are doing whatever they can, legally or illegal, to get their needs met. Some scammers were busy before the pandemic hit. This world wide virus has interfered with their lively hood. Some wanted to send people on a dream trip. Where can they send you? The entire world is on a lock down. Hotels in our country do not offer the same amenities to which we have become accustomed . What on earth can a poor scammer do? Oh ye! Your social security. That’s it! There is always a sucker who believes Big Brother is out to get us.  They will save you from Big brother and anyone who is using your S.S. Trust the scammer! The sky is falling!! The scammer knows!!!  A part of it fell on his tail and broke his brain.

I’m just afraid if this covid-19 last too long we will all lose our minds if we don’t pray. We must follow the laws of our cities, states and our national governments, but most of all, we must pray.


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