Somebody Bigger Than You & I

There are so many people calling the name of their god. Each one professing they trust the real god. Then there are people who don’t believe in any god. Those people are called atheist. I wonder as I wander who do they believe made the mountains. Who made the animals and the trees? Who made fish and the rivers that flow to the seas? Who flung the stars and the moon in the sky above? Who write the songs for the robins to sing? Who keeps me company when all earthly friends forsake me? Who gives me the courage to go on from there? It is somebody bigger than you and I.
People the world over will stop to recognize Jesus’s birthday. Was His birth on December 25? That is a man-made date we can all agree on. He is the only begotten son of the true and living God. Those of us who have been born again know we have been adopted into the family of God. Adopted children have the same rights and privileges as any other child in the family. We have been born again. Did we crawl back into our mother’s womb? No, we did not! We also died and was buried with Him. Did we have a physical death? No, we did not! We were born and died with Him spiritually.
So many people calling to Him by many a different name. One Father, lovingly the same. He is LOVE. As true Christians, we must love the unlovable. As He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free while God is marching on. Happy Holidays to those who wish to say “Happy Holidays” but as for me, it is “Merry Christmas!”. After all, He is the reason for this season. He and His Father are bigger and more powerful than you and I.

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