Stories to Come

Stories to Come

The book I promised “The Advance” is still in the works. It will not be out in the month of January as previously promised. However, when it does come out, I hope you will buy it. Meanwhile, continue to read our short stories at
Thirty-five years ago I wrote a fairytales called “Come with me to Dreamland”. At that time, I taught private music lessons and one of the songs in one of the music books was “Come with me to Dreamland”. I loved the song so much; I decided to write a story about it. Originally, it was written as a play. I have since created a narrative fairytale. The only song that came from that music book was come with me to Dreamland. All of the other songs I wrote myself.

Come with me to Dreamland

Come with me to dreamland
Moonbeams lead the way
Let your cares and trouble
Vanish with the day.
The clouds shall be your pillow
The moon your guiding light.
Sweet dreams until I meet you
In that magical land of night
Sweet dreams until I meet you
In that magical land of night.

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